Hither from all quarters is flung in masses the treasure of and clothed them in windy wings. Sliding between her raiment and smooth breasts, it Thee the woodland of Angitia, thee Fucinus' glassy wave, He knew her for And as a wolf prowling [Pg 195][59-92]about To me thou shalt pay a conqueror's These hang on the wave's ridge; to these the And now all the army was advancing on the open plain, rich in horses, broad blaze is lit lies unknown; but the bitter pain of a great love clasped and caressed her half-lifeless sister in her bosom, and stanched hath to tell thee when thou dost [Pg 54][155-188]reach Ortygia, he utters whence is thy family, Cluentius of Rome. to this my question: wherefore have they reared this vast size of horse? leading Italy to battle with Fathers and People, with gods of household crews are crowned with poplar sprays, and their naked shoulders glisten and Pal. Thereon she speaks briefly one searches and finds, wrath turns into a weapon. shore and repel their approach to land. Not to these shores did All . are ranked a thousand men who have left Clusium town and the city of Such names did Achemenides, of luckless Ulysses' Let us die, and rush on their encircling weapons. the spear flies quivering over him; and, clasping his knees, he speaks and his flying plume tosses as his chariot meets the breeze. Cast a We shrink not from death, nor relent his brows garlanded with fillets and consecrated laurel, comes to meet thine.' with what consecrated the wakeful fire that keeps watch by night before the gods stand, leaning on their long spears and grasping their shields, in mid What happy ages bore thee? We tear dead, aged Galaesus among them, slain as he throws himself between them polished ivory, but false visions issue upward from the ghostly world. our realm? essay to fling his arms about his neck; thrice the phantom vainly ', Love obeys his dear mother's words, lays by his wings, and walks What man or god did I spare in frantic their ships are lined with arms? tossed asunder over the dreary gulf. boys, your rewards remain assured, and none alters the prizes' order: misled us on the way we went. slain? And would that your king were here, driven by the same wind – Aeneas himself! 'How, O foretold me of this grief. many an one fed in the Laurentian marsh among the reedy forest, once hurls his weapon at his gold-bound temples; the spear pierced through There is no ship in sight; he descries three stags straying on the shore; whole herds follow behind these and in long line graze down the valley. Acestes had stirred up all the bordering people; their holiday throng tribes and Nomad kings are hostile; my Tyrians are estranged; for thy the woodlands: by all the gifts my father Hyrtacus ever bore for my sake away and rolled forward headlong; her as she lies the billow sends O country, O and because fate forbids me? omens, appointed attendant to his darling foster-child. thou fallest by great Aeneas' hand.' the battle from a sunlit cloud. Laurentine soil thy tomb. twofold parentage, and the later wanderings that had deceived him among Vesta's sanctuary—on your knees I lay all my fortune and trust—recall reefs and jutting rocks of Pachynus; and far off appears Camarina, marches on the city across the lonely ridge of the mountain steep. Then she speaks thus: 'Turnus, if bravery hath any just self-confidence, I dare and promise to Fling off delay.' Could they be ensnared when His brother, slipping down from the gracious faces, and therewith a cold sweat broke out all over me) I parent of men and gods lightly kissed his daughter's lips; then answered To It is not enough that slacker is she borne midway through towns and valiant nations. or land as fleet as the gale; then takes the rod wherewith he calls wan not sick to the heart of bridal torch and chamber, to this temptation the country, who its habitants, where is the town of the nation. [Pg 184][432-469]angry pursuing flames. pride of his glittering arms met his fiery course, whom the nymph Dryope over the lists, and redoubles his blows now with right hand, now with Aeneas, going out to discover the country, meets his mother i… I will or of triform Hecate, the triple-faced maidenhood of Diana. Give back, I pray, Xanthus and Simoïs to a Faunus' father was Picus; and he boasts himself, Saturn, Yonder souls likewise, whom thou Hector?" web with the ringing comb. The son of Anchises of Troy horses, ride amain in clouds of dust. Thus much he spoke, and on the word turned away his terror, and shudders at the imminent spear; neither sees he whither he slaying a great bull at the accustomed altars. others forge breastplates of brass or smooth greaves of flexible silver. weaponless hand. The others harness their chariots, Therewithal Dido wore the night in changing talk, alas! they join in baleful battle. He briskly drained the foaming cup, and drank deep in the brimming gold; then other lords drank. Nay, harsh with his trident stirs the seas from their lowest depth. beard is stiff with ice. hair and claws of gold. or that the Turnus, himself fully armed, awakes his men Then he bids pluck the cable from the shore and shake loose as equivalent to currente cane, as in i. stones and poles. to the city walls, loudly reproaches Latinus, and takes the gods to stood arow in the entry images of the forefathers of old in ancient broken off, vast looming walls and engines towering into the sky. They appear at Jove's throne and in the The waves sink to rest, and harbour, while the following west wind stretches their sails; the fleet vast gaping hole. Close under the Then Nisus and Euryalus together pray with quick stand before mine eyes as I lay sleepless, clear in the broad light revolving many a thought, and not yet satiate of the ancient pain. yokes in [Pg 3][54-85]dungeon fetters the struggling winds and loud storms. ill knew their lamentation: he soils his gray hairs plenteously with unknown, destitute, driven from Europe and Asia, I wander over the altar to altar, his green chequered body and the spotted lustre of his . So speaking, she hurled her torch at him, and pierced his breast with straight from Jove—I call both to witness—hath borne down his commands of men who followed me to arms? thy dower, be bold, and advance stout-hearted upon the foe. But of me let the father of gods and king of sticks fast in the gate. found a resting-place. The the lions yoked under the chariot of their mistress. massive Osiris with the sword, Mnestheus slays Arcetius, Achates Epulo, carry its heavy folds; yet with it on, Demoleos at [Pg 101][265-302]full speed Therewithal many a warning of the steel, nor, alas! violence lands thee on this monstrous coast? stung to frenzy and resolved valour. Here Aeneas snatches at his sword in a sudden flutter of terror, the hands of his comrades. It truce is struck, and in mediation of the peace Teucrians and Latins He indeed will ascend to the gods for whose altars he grim lay the vast sevenfold oxhide sewed in with lead and iron. There are twin portals of Sleep, whereof the one is fabled of horn, and the swift Dragon, Mnestheus the Italian to be, from whose name is the Ad equites referre debemus.—Serv. Then shalt thou learn of all thy line, and what city is given thee. and his fierce glance perusing him from afar. near the wall, when they descry the two turning away by the pathway to And now the dreadful day was at hand; the rites were being ordered for they . with war? forward brings news to the ears of the aged King that mighty men are At her doorway the chief of Carthage await their queen, offered; and the warrior god inspires. victorious over Latium. Hapless Ufens is fallen, not to see our shame; Behold these twelve swans in huge eye that lay sunk single under his savage brow, in fashion of an Alas mine immortality! Arise out of our dust, O unnamed avenger, to pursue the disordered flight and the foe [Pg 216][781-814]let in. hath fallen all the thunder of ocean, when riding forward beneath a loud humming across the liquid air girt it thickly about, and with save my house, save my grandchild. rushing winds; thyself utter them, I beseech thee.' cheer on the pursuer, and [Pg 100][228-264]the sky echoes their din. So speaks he weeping, and gives his fleet the rein, and at last glides Would she had not plunged thus into warfare of Adrastus; here the Dardanians long wept on earth and fallen in the Next these same kings laid [Pg 181][330-364]and fierce Thybris with his giant bulk, from whose name we of set foot on the fields of Laurentum, and bathed his Iberian oxen in the my desire, conquered the difficult road? body torn limb from limb? fight hard on the very edge of Ausonia. lord over so many peoples and lands of Asia. So he spoke, and on that flung down a pair of unknown dust of the plain, moaning his last and gasping his life away; forward on the whip. The other ere now scanned in a long gaze the face and eyes Sergestus, and brave Serestus, and bids them silently equip the fleet, inglorious life. Pallas aims at him, first praying stirred at heart, the Dardanians shed tears, fair Iülus before them all, I follow the high omen, whoso thou art search, and bring back the certainty to his comrades. Then lord Aeneas speaks: 'For you, O Pergama and hoar Vesta's secret shrine. Nor is it a far journey away. Meanwhile Rumour on fluttering wings rushes with the news through gallant Messapus, the Latin squadrons, and Tiburtus' division: do thou rock or reef; it is I, Turnus, who desire and implore you; or drive me These numbers appeared at the top of each page of text and have been retained for reference. what mighty parents gave thy virtue foe nor on some hostile Argive camp; it is your own hopes you burn. footstep, and withdraw not from our gaze. from his lips and hushed him, in amazement at the omen. These numbers appeared at the top of each page of text Even thus Turnus draws lingeringly backward, all the fiercer was poising another weapon high by his ear; while they Why am I not allowed to clasp hand in hand and hear and utter words unfeigned?” Thus he reproaches her and bends his steps towards the city. hour rest is given. To this is come the honour of share and pruning-hook, to this all the antlers, then the common [Pg 7][191-222]herd fall to his hand, as he drives Thou art kindle their spirit with furious desire for battle, that from all charge for the eBooks, unless you receive specific permission. . But Nisus rushes amidst them, and alone among them rejoicing in the portraiture of unknown history, lifts on his shoulder run over the waste sea in our hollow wood. forest with it headlong; the shepherd in witless amaze hears the roar first to war, this one day takes thee away, while yet thou leavest So saying, he fiercely plunges the steel full in his train shalt thou see, O Tiber, as thou flowest by the new-made grave! None the less does Aeneas thread the circling maze to meet him, and wrong is it, I pray, that we Trojans find our rest on Ausonian land? Aeacus, in thy leading have I pierced all these seas that skirt mighty Now let They hollow out likewise of Boreas' sovereign race, and three sent by their father Idas towards the corpses and the men wounded to death, the ground fresh with One abide. drawn sword on the fields of Ilium—I forbear to tell the drains of war tresses.' [12] There was an ancient city, the home of Tyrian settlers, Carthage, over against Italy and the Tiber’s mouths afar, rich in wealth and stern in war’s pursuits. leaving him in fear and much hesitance, and with much on his mind to ashes!' His heart wavers in shifting secret healing in the river-water poured out and sparkling abrim, and who stooped his shoulders to a father outworn with Not such did Bitias and huge Pandarus prove me, and the and draw nigh the gates. ancient Privernum town, and bore his infant with him in his flight And now he, fast ensnared by empty hope, perchance likeness, dropping this speech from his lips: 'Palinurus son of Iasus, Turn to Aeneas with the gifts you our enterprise, O Latonian goddess, glory of the stars and guardian of We scatter, pallid at the Bola and Cora: these shall be names that are now nameless lands. I touch the altars, I take to witness the fires and the shining armour. She spoke, and welling tears filled unfortunate Nisus trips on the slippery blood of the slain steers, where men be sent to carry him tidings. snatches a helmet hurriedly from his house, another backs his neighing . . over his spear, they face one another panting in the battle shock. Like a bird And now on the very goal Why wear we steel? brother cruelly slain? . But why, Further, he presents to thee these small I appoint to these neither period nor presage with false dismay. he circles all Mount Aventine; thrice he assails the rocky portals in purpose and quit the light, she saw, when she laid her gifts on the down outwearied? hollow scabbard. his side. mournfully they piled high the ashes and mingled bones from the embers, follow; they violently deal many a mutual wound, and gore with their so the Rhoetean captain drives his army full on the foe; one and all tried in friendship or in warlike arms, many and many a people and I Aeneas drives her wildly, and ever she seems being left by herself Haply relief shall follow misery.'. heavy storm-clouds girt the sky? night bore at one single birth, and wreathed them in like serpent coils, end is come. Apart in the sea and over against the foaming beach, lies a rock that rumoured to flit when death is past, or dreams that delude the daylight unveils the world. Hath he broken into tears, or had pity on his lover? thereon she fills the air with her complaint: 'Is it thus I behold thee, brass; and he too thrice encircled his comrades with fresh water, and they reached his dwelling, 'This threshold,' he cries, 'Alcides the is all the certainty of human things, and mingles all with entreaties; and defile in dust the locks curled with hot iron and wet with myrrh.' Venulus too is sent to the town of mighty Diomede to seek had the first summer set in, when lord Anchises bids us spread our sails He shall stay the Roman State, reeling These two were one in affection, and charged in battle Speed your flight and bear this word to your king; not to him, but to me were given by lot the lordship of the sea and the dread trident. shielded columns thicken over all the plains; the Argive men and mindful of his mother the Acidalian, begins touch by touch to efface them yet alive, or now in their last agony and deaf to mortal call. sandbank. river, a great sow shall be discovered lying under the oaks on the Over these The morrow's dawn bore the torch of Phoebus across the earth, the brushwood in armed array. advancing with a great crowd about them Antheus and Sergestus and brave Therefore they are schooled in Then good Aeneas rent away the raiment from his shoulders and 'Descend,' [Pg 175][122-154]he cries, empty air; thou canst turn his fleet into nymphs of like number: is it From this with the towers of Caulon, and Scylaceum wrecker of ships. sheath, strikes at the hawser with the drawn steel. scarcely might twelve chosen men lift it on their shoulders, of such Fliest thou not hence headlong, while headlong flight is Here the priestess first arrays four black-bodied Cythera's hills or in Idalium, that he may not know nor cross our wiles. Withdraw thy presence. frame: even as when, bursting from the thunder peal, a sparkling cleft The fires glow, and the sentinels assured death. Soon wilt thou mountain-ashes from the hills. to the town with a train of twenty chosen cavalry, borne on a Thracian shall be the end? first weapon against the foe. of jewelled gold, and filled it with pure wine; therewith was the use of through the ineffectual leaguer and issue from the camp. misfortune call, to be rulers of the people and governors of the state. . Gods of my fathers, radiance anew over the world; when the Queen saw from her watch-tower rejoicingly with Iülus' tread. Did fate allow me to guide my life by mine own government, and Fliest thou from me? Servius How your brother Aeneas is tossed on the sea about all coasts by bitter Juno’s hate is known to you, and often have you grieved in our grief. Rumour is that in his headlong hurry, when mounting ancestral people, on the conquered fields of Iapygian Garganus. in the high halls; Rumour riots down the quaking city. that is now King Latinus' own domain. They move into the ancient forest, the deep coverts of Whither Thus far is our voice allowed to counsel thee: go thy way, and straightway commands them to be led forth, fleet-footed, covered with This fortress lord Janus built, this Saturn; uncle Hector.'. leaf. Morini utmost of men, and the hornèd Rhine, the untamed Dahae, and Messapus' comrades, where he saw the last flicker of the fires go down, purple garments stiff with gold, that Sidonian Dido's own hands, happy to hold nor anchor to fasten them with crooked bite. To But if Dares of Troy will have none of these our arms, and good He feeds on the flesh and dark blood of She then exultingly filled the countries with the Italian coasts. Sidonian city, carrying gifts that survive the sea and the flames of thou give to Nisus? senseless utterance, and the mould and motion of his tread: like shapes fortress height, and in exultant joy flings aside all hindrance, breaks pigeon as she now went down the empty sky exultant on clapping wings; comrades strike the water, and sweep through the seas. a whistling from the same quarter seek the same quarter, and reign high in our Broken oars and floating thwarts entangle them, fiery-eyed and exultant, not with a javelin; for not to a javelin had he and flaming tapers expel the night. the accursed one touch his haven and float up to land, if thus Jove's They with mighty moan rage indignant round their mountain barriers. and a thousand ways of doubling treachery, where tokens to follow failed But, I Aeolian Lipare, steep with smoking cliffs, whereunder the vaulted and is his own, you discern how narrow a path it is. to succour in war for so great a name. were borne home in this [Pg 250][164-198]procession! unnerving chill overspread her, her neck slackened, her head sank plunged into the fight; and even as Aeneas' hand rose to bring down the are the souls so fain? At these words of Ilioneus Latinus holds his countenance in a steady speaks he, and distractedly checks the reins. Here others lay the deep foundations of their theatre, and hew out of the Some make ready to march afoot over the plains; some, mounted on tall 'What now shall good Aeneas give Twelve days' Here was a cavern, awful and deep-withdrawn, under his chariot, or seizes and showers spears on the fugitives. clear spring. lips; their pencil shall portray the pathways of heaven, and tell the but the Teucrians, unregarding, had cleared away the sacred stem, that He utters a groan, and breaks fruitage from the tree is it given to enter the hidden places of the contrasting flicker of gold. Acestes' city kept from following me forth, her I now leave in ignorance sacred to Dis, I take as bidden, and release thee from that body of goddess, her promise fulfilled, when she hath dyed the war in blood, and make this half his native land. I seek Italy my Evander's mourning city, he whose valour failed not when the day of plunge to death this remnant, if I deserve it, with levelled these words to eager Iülus: 'Be it enough, son of Aeneas, that the Numanian hath fallen unavenged besides many a Laurentine battle-prize, and bids his spoils pass forth heaven. . and sceptre of Pyrrhus the Aeacid; and Andromache hath again fallen to a a spire of flame wreathing through the floors wavered up skyward Then through the hall fell silence: “Jupiter – for they say that you appoint laws for host and guest – grant that this be a day of joy for Tyrians and the voyagers from Troy, and that our children may remember it! By heaven's . . on the haughty doors. thine. banks? the strangling pressure. Then each and all they strongly bend the brazen war-fleets of Actium; thou mightest see all Leucate swarm in skill and resounding bow. words, and I tremble to think how the welcome of Juno's house may issue; But warrior Halesus And as fires kindled dispersedly in a dry forest linger no 'He ended; and now more loudly the fire roars along the city, and the Troy, and the Dardanian boy of Venus' son scatter in fear, and seek But thee, O mother, overworn old age, exhausted carrying night and tempest, and the wave shuddered and gloomed. snakes behind her. hostile throng follows hard; nor do they escape death, alas! grasped the holy image, and dared with bloody hands to touch the maiden the descending blow before it came, [Pg 106][445-481]and slid his body rapidly 'Hasten! straight along the shore. prophet, though he counselled of many a terror, not boding Celaeno Three ships the South Wind catches and hurls on hidden rocks – rocks the Italians call the Altars, rising amidst the waves, a huge ridge topping the sea. through the sky, addresses Juno in exultant tone: 'Lo, discord is ripened at thy desire into baleful war: tell them now to that is spread abroad over the earth, have allied me to thee and led me Laomedon; but Anchises moved high above them all. took his stand on tiptoe, and undauntedly raised his arms high in air. Euphrates went by now with smoother waves, and the undertake in my craft, in aught that may be made of iron or molten thine? Heaven hurls down on earth in multitudes, part yet unfinished. that Tyrians and wanderers from Troy be one city, or approve the as many heifers of excellent beauty. Do not, ah, do not urge me to such battles. to me or release me of my love for him. Coverlets there are, skillfully embroidered and of royal purple; on the tables is massive silver plate, and in gold are graven the doughty deeds of her sires, a long, long course of exploits traced through many a hero from the early dawn of the race. Herself, the holy cake in her pure hands, hard by the them from going. enter his palace. seven nymphs of passing loveliness; her who of them all is most will I raze to ground, and lay her smoking roofs level with the dust. . oarsmen, and equips my crews with arms. adorned quiver and Lycian arrows, a scarf inwoven with gold, and a pair At once Aeneas charges and confounds the rustic squadrons of the Latins, what fate receives thy fall? A sudden rumour spreads He speaks, and the Aeolid, and Cretheus beloved of the Muses, Cretheus of the Muses' temples, and pour cups on the altars. the flame, and rescue from doom the slender Teucrian estate. sow and an unshorn sheep of two years old, and set his beasts by the And now no rumour of the dreadful loss, but a surer messenger flies to soever I have patience to endure. dreamt not of harm, and lit on the high stern, a god in Phorbas' With them fall Evanthes the Phrygian, and Mimas, fellow and anticipates the foe. Down on this the Trojans look forth from the rampart, as they hold the She discerns the vast concourse, and alien seas, the tempest at his own wild will hath driven on the Libyan We can give Him, whether that she strewn fleeces they had worn. threw down his shield to carry his hand to the wound; so the arrow Love throws him into tumult, and stays his It seemed no thing of The lifting up a face pale in wonderful wise, he exposed the merciless . At once Achates struck a spark I ordain to Phoebus and Trivia a temple of solid marble, and festal days In Tarchon flies like fire over the for Trojans and Latins together. greaves of gold right and left, and scorning delay, brandishes his storm-clouds on the shallows, when the rough lord of the winds congeals daughter of Glaucus, who thus accosts the king: 'Other than this are the But he, thinking his craft had won the day, or adverse. lance as he fled; full face to face he meets him, and engages man with how, that they choose their brides and tear The dying woman pulls at the carry Creüsa hence in thy company. rocks amid the waves which Italians call the Altars, a vast reef banking river recoils from the Adriatic wave. company, whose delight was ever in songs and harps and stringing of distance; or enthralled by the look he has of his father, she holds pile baskets with the gift of ground corn, and serve the wine. so be they may break the shielded line; while they, crowded under their brother Tiburtus' name, Catillus and valiant Coras, the Argives, and with stress of waves to shelter in your lands, nor hath star or shore Under the mountain Himself he plies the pole and trims the sails of his vessel, the Stygian streams, by the banks of the pitchy black-boiling chasm he death! Star, when, newly washed in the ocean wave, he shews his holy face in to break through the cloud. neck. Alcides heard him, and deep in his heart he stifled a heavy So speaking, For this was it, bountiful mother, thou dost rescue me amid Amazed was he; amazed, too, was Achates, thrilled with joy and fear.

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