A safety protection clause in a listing agreement entitles the real estate broker or agent to a commission after the listing expires or is canceled. Property records, such as title reports, maintenance records, leases, property studies, violation notices, and financials, should be given to the buyer. The due diligence provision should require the seller to deliver this information to the buyer within a certain number of days from contract execution. Protection Period Preserved. good luck with the new listing. Imagine a Seller listing their home with Go Get 'Em Realty for six months. In addition, the terms of paragraph 4.B (“Protection Period”) shall survive even if this Agreement is terminated early. These real estate profiles, blogs and blog entries are provided here as a courtesy to our visitors to help them What's the reason you're reporting this blog entry? A real estate agent can help you buy a property or she can help you sell one. “Sell” means any transfer of any fee simple interest in the Property whether by oral or written agreement or option. Under E. (1) you would see the number of days agreed upon by the home owner and the Listing Agent for the Protection Period. You can't fix stupid. I made a simple call to the broker who, I'm afraid to say, was a little embarrassed. don't know what area you live in, but in California this is addressed in the listing agreement - stated in the listing price and commission area. The commission protection period, frequently called the “tail,” is often misunderstood. Example: Seller agrees to pay Broker for service - if within ___calendar day after the end of the listing period or any extension . Only a licensed real estate broker or salesperson can charge you a fee for the purpose of finding an apartment. We have similar language in our GAR Exclusive Listing Agreement about the Protected Period, but not nearly as clearly laid out as you have drawn in your post. I have no idea why the other Realtor didn't read the rest of the paragraph...geez, must have felt silly after you explained it to them. Great opportunity on your part to contribute to this agents "continuing education". Are you sure you want to report this blog entry as spam? NEW GCAAR Form #1347, “Notice Termination of Brokerage Agreement Only” This new form allows either party to the Agreement to provide proper Notice to the other and informs them of what this Notice does and what it does not do. d) If Buyer enters into a contract for the acquisition of real property shown or described to Buyer during the term of this Agreement or Buyer obtains title or possession thereto within 180 days after the expiration or termination of this Agreement (the *Protection Period") buyer will pay the Fee specified in paragraph 6(a). Not too long ago I got a new listing that was previously listed by a different Brokerage. The protection period prevents the unscrupulous practice of the Seller telling the buyer to come back to buy the home AFTER the Listing Agreement has expired. I feel sorry for the mis informed Realtor. Under Florida law, what is the legal length of the "Protection Period" for the listing realtor after a listing - Answered by a verified Real Estate Lawyer. Ends at 5 p.m. local time. All information is copywritten and the property of Greg Nino. Imagine a Seller listing their home with Go Get 'Em Realty for six months. It is funny sad how many agents don't realize this exclusion exists. GRI,IMSD-Taking the mystery out of real estate. Please review your take your listing contract . Greg, it is always astonishing to me how many agents don't understand the documents they are responsible for explaining. The escrow period is the time between the signing of the real estate contract and the closing date, as specified in the purchase contract. Protection Period : (1) “Protection period” means that time starting the day after this Listing ends and continuing for days. Understanding Your Real Estate Buyer Representation Agreement Buying a home comes with its fair share of contracts to sign and legalese to decode. I think the challenge is even knowing the names of the buyers other agents brought through during your marketing efforts. . The seller has information that the buyer needs to evaluate the purchase. HaHa. You & Greg Talking Real Estate - Laugh, Learn & Share, What NOT to do in REAL ESTATE - BAD BUSINESS. With most real estate purchase contracts, everything is negotiable. Great explanation, Greg, looks like the agent didn't bother reading the entire contract himself. A Listing Brokerage/Listing Agent can protect themselves by providing a list of buyers the Listing Agent has worked with during the six month period. The information contained in this blog is believed to be reliable and while every effort is made to assure that the information is as accurate as possible, the author of this blog, and its comments disclaim any implied warranty or representation about it's accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for any particular purpose. By Realtor.com Team | Apr 28, 2011 Q: I recently signed an exclusive buyer brokerage agreement (real estate buyer's contract) for one year with my Realtor. Protection clauses vary but usually last for 30 to 90 days after the listing contract expires. Honestly that is more than a "rookie" mistake. Greg Nino, Houston area Realtor®.Helping residential buyers, sellers and tenants 7 days a week. Actually, the lease was signed after the expiration of the listing agreement and there was no date entered in the space provided on the listing agreement form for procuring cause protection period. As if. Well your explanation is how I understood it to work. The first is the Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase, known as CRSP. The protection period prevents the unscrupulous practice of the Seller telling the buyer to come back to buy the home AFTER the Listing Agreement has expired.

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