Narrative – Previously, we confronted the claim that no archaeological evidence exists for the Book of Mormon at all. Faith is being okay with no knowing where the battle took place and yet still learning important lessons from the battle through personal critical thought. This second civilization to which I refer, the Nephites , flourished in America between 600 B.C. It clearly refers to two different places. See Mormon 6:2. This hallowed hill continues to The 8-day Jaredite battle at Cumorah could not have involved more than a few thousand, as we see from the count of the actual number killed on the last two days. The gathering to Cumorah took approximately four years. Your email address will not be published. In the state of New York, probably, there are hundreds of those fortifications which are now visible and I have seen them in many other parts of the United States. The Hill Cumorah in western New York provides almost no cover for Mormon, Moroini and the others to hide out through the night while surrounded by tens of thousands of blood-thirsty Lamanites. 59) Apostle Orson Pratt spoke many times about the hill Cumorah and never placed it anywhere but New York. No known ancient population base has been sufficiently large and concentrated enough to sustain the massive numbers suggested in the Book of Mormon. ☼ Mormon 6:1–3: And now I finish my record concerning the destruction of my people, the Nephites. Not innuendos, Im working on a project that is real life of an angel from heaven 4000 miles away its ancient history 400 A.D. its tied to the private property due SW of gold statue on hill Cumorah hill ramah I was there and saw the ashes my self The Jaredites arrived in North America about 2300 B.C. “The Book of Mormon records that due to the wickedness of the Nephite civilization they were destroyed by their brothers the Lamanites. The Church maintains a large Hill Cumorah Visitor Center, hosting an annual pageant which reiterates the Lamanite narrative and final battle location. Here one has a right to expect the evidences of military fortifications; for, though a thousand years had elapsed between the destruction of the Nephites and the discovery of America by the Europeans, still some military monuments would doubtless survive that length of time.” [2], “Only one more reference to Nephite wars will be necessary…mentioned here because it will bring us once more face to face with that strange parallelism we have found so many times in Book of Mormon events. That claim leads to subsequent arguments against the Book of Mormon. According to Joseph Smith and subsequent presidents and apostles of the LDS Church, the geographical extent of Book of Mormon lands included virtually all of North and South America. This atlatll point may be from that last battle of the once great Jaredite people, a story more dramatic than anything Hollywood could conjure. According to the record, Mormon is one of the final caretakers of the records of his people. Ether 14:12–13, 26 He repeatedly stated that the largest of all, the very Hill Cumorah, marked the site of the final battles of two civilizations. No amount of scientific testing would convince them. I find no link or reference to any prophet contradicting the multiple-location theory. The hill Cumorah where the battle took place was of large size overseeing the entire land, unlike the New York hill. Oliver Cowdery, another of Smith’s primary witnesses, described how he personally accompanied Smith multiple times to return the plates into the Hill Cumorah. The Book of Mormon describes the final battle place between the Nephites and Lamanites as the land and hill Cumorah. Cumorah had also been the site of the destruction of the jaredites roughly 900 years earlier. No, Joseph Smith did not teach that the battle of Cumorah was in New York. The area immediately surrounding the hill is similarly clean. While it has been commonly believed that the hill in New York where Joseph Smith received the gold plates is the same Hill Cumorah described in But this is not faith. Sperry, who had held to the New York Cumorah for many years, in this study was persuaded that the hill Cumorah of the last battles had to be located in Mexico north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (he made no specific location suggestion). So, I believe that there were two different hills referred to as Cumorah. The Hill Cumorah in the Book of Mormon | Simiskey, Patrick L | ISBN: 9781949348101 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. The U.S. Civil War, one of the bloodiest episodes in human history, killed 600,000 men over 4 years.

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