Cotton is not Gore-tex, just as GFO fibers are not flax. We didn't even tighten the bolts and no water is coming in. Ran the boat two miles at low speeds (1200 rpm) and they got over 300 degrees and were smoking. Plus I use Tef-Gel at installation which is recommended by the packing. Discount Inboard Marine (Online Store) 2113 1/2 Wessinger Road … I went with GFO fiber packing Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex. Agitators on large mixers such as this can pose more challenges to braided packing than would appear from the basic operating parameters. Carl FXA31 3098T 2) USE THE CORRECT CROSS-SECTION OF PACKING OR DIE-FORMED RINGS. Gland packing must be regularly lubricated with quality water resistant grease, such as Morris grease. I don't want to go the PSS Shaft Seal route but I believe that there are some Teflon packing products that you can install in place of the normal packing? Therefore, if you know your shaft diameter, obtaining the correct size packing is straightforward. The Gore-Tex GFO is virtually drip less you only need to adjusted so it remains moist. Tefpack 1/4" seems too thick but maybe I need to work on my technique. It seems to be superior to the imported stuff in the local boat store. GFO Packing, 1/8 in. Drive Force PTFE flax gland packing rope is ideal for packing out shaft bearings and glands. Offering performance that far exceeds natural flax packing, GTU (Graphtex Ultra) shaft packing is a unique blend of graphite fibers that are impregnated with PTFE. Industrial Seals for Industry Metal Bellows Seal ASP Site Information Seal Information PTFE Products American Seal and Packing Home Extruded Rubber Vulcanized O-Rings V-Packing Installation Braided Packing ASP Type E ASP Type D ASP Type C ASP Type B ASP Type A Textile Products Tadpole Tape Tadpole Stuffing Box Pressure Calculator Pump Shaft Seals Spa Seals Spiral … With this system the box is nearly dripless so be careful not to overtighten. - Loosen the jam nut on the shaft-packing gland. Braided from 100% genuine GFO® fiber, a graphite yarn in a PTFE matrix, Gore GFO Marine Shaft Packing offers many advantages over the more traditional flax packing. Or even return to the marina and purchase the 100year old technology packing that seems to work fine for most inboards of all types. I changed the packing on one of my shafts at the beginning of the season to the GoreTex stuff - that shaft packing nut runs 100-102 degrees whereas the old flax runs 88-90 degrees at cruise (water in low 70's, air temp 90) which I'm guessing is ok - anyone else check these temps? At the dock with the engine in forward idle, no leakage. This combination of fibers produces a packing that is … Agitators on large mixers such as this can pose more challenges to braided packing than would appear from the basic operating parameters. 2-1/4" Shaft Packing Wrench, made out of 3/8" thick Billet Aluminum (Black Anodized). You need about +1500deg F to melt stainless steel so you wont hurt the shaft but not sure what you are doing to the packing or any surface treatment the shaft … Does anyone know the correct size for a 31 Express? ... shaft packing'....three rings each rotated 120 degrees on the other to prevent leaking. This packing is made of the following components ptfe, graphite and gortex cloth. "Graphtex Ultra (GTU) shaft packing is future technology that is available now. - Back the gland nut off the packing gland assembly. Replace shaft or sleeve if wear is excessive. While these packing variants tend to be more slippery and longer lasting than flax, they can in some cases work too well. I left mine very loose until I put the boat in the lake - Dig out all the old packing material. This product is braided with W.L. To determine the correct packing size, measure the diameter of the shaft (inside the stuffing box area Size was 1/4”. Manufacturer's statement: "GTU shaft packing is the ultimate performance shaft packing. Large agitators in general tend to have challenges with shaft alignment which can pose a serious issue for braided packing as it creates uneven wear on the packing and can lead to premature failure. This rugged cap is made from a waterproof, windproof, breathable, lightweight Gore-Tex material that’s ready for anything. One of the guys on this site did a nice photograph laden walkthrough of the whole proces, which you can find if you do a search. 2-1/4" Wrench with one 1/4" Hole to allow it to be mounted in the area of the Stuffing Box. Author Topic: Gore Tex GFO packing? Up and Come-er; ... On my boat I was able to loosen the hose from the hull to the packing box and then wobble the packing box around the shaft with the packing nut loose to reform the GFO then start over with the adjustment. Please feel free to contact one the GFO Authorized Distributors available:. In the 1970s, Garlock infringed W. L. Gore and Associates patents and was sued by Gore in the Federal District Court of Ohio. Recommended for most industrial applications unless high temperature (over 550F / 288C), need white packing or very abrasive slurry. Replacing and Adjusting the Shaft Packing. Packing with no added lubrication made from GORE® G2 Fiber: ePTFE Graphite: 1389 GFO® General Service+: 100% GFO® packing One of the best packings on the market and often imitated around the world. GTU packing material offers superior performance. Be sure to install two or three pieces. 1) REMOVE ALL THE OLD PACKING FROM THE STUFFING BOX. In addition, Danner uses 400-gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation to create one of the best insulated winter work boots. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Looking for some advice. Thanks, Mike s/v Dulcinea ... Get the Gore-Tex that DeepFrz recommends. - Replace the shaft packing. Clean box and shaft thoroughly and examine shaft or sleeve for wear or scoring. Stern Gear:Prop Shafts, Struts, Bearings, Tubes, Seals GFO Dealers Distributors. It comes in standard sizes with more length than you'll need. (4 mm) 2 foot. I use the standard 'flax' shaft packing which I believe may be Gore-Tex? 주요장비 ... (GLAND PACKING) 단면 각형으로 편조한 팩킹으로 유연성 및 신축성을 가지고 있으며, 특히 자기윤활성 및 열방산성이 우수하기 때문에 고온, 고압요의 밸브 및 펌프류에 사용할 때 Shaft 및 Sleeve의 마모가 발생하지 않는다. Large agitators in general tend to have challenges with shaft alignment which can pose a serious issue for braided packing as it creates uneven wear on the packing and can lead to premature failure. -----This is a Stub Wrench for the hard to reach 2.250" Stuffing Box Packing Gland. Routine maintenance will be reduced and it … The drip less system will set you back a couple hundreds dollars not to mention that you will need to remove the shaft. Grab your 9TWENTY Gore-Tex Strapback Cap. GORE fibers and graphite fibers that are impregnated with PTFE" ... Flax is a type of natural fiber like cotton is. I don't tend to see these issues with Aqualoy 22 shafting but I have seen it with bronze and lower grades of stainless. I have installed Gore Tex GFO stuffing box packing in my Shamrock 260 Express with a 1 1/4 inch shaft. Traditional flax-based packing materials aren't as good as the newer Gore-tex based packing materials, which will leak less, and are lower maintenance. Props and Stern Gear. Does anyone have any advice on dripless packing? Designed to sit low on your head, it has a relaxed fit and pre-curved visor with adjustable strapback closure. The Gore Tex packing is excellent material. If you have a bronze shaft use extreme caution with graphite impregnated packing materials. Even the rubber boot started bubbling hot where its clamped to the shaft. (Read 412 times) formerathlete. The packing used was Gore GFO a graphite impregnated packing. If that is where the leak is, I wouldn't suspect the packing since really the packing should only be dripping while the shaft spins, however replacing packing isn't a bad Idea. It did require the 1/4 inch size Gore Tex GFO. The Problem: Traditional tail shaft packing glands with flax packing prematurely wear down the shaft after repeated tightening and disintegrate with excessive heat. I replaced my drive shaft and rudder shaft packing back in March. GTU packing is a unique blend of W.L. For the regular packing, I removed 2 layers from my boat. Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee! Modern variations on the traditional waxed flax packing include Teflon and Gore-Tex. I just re-packed my shaft stuffing box with Gore GFO. Has anyone used Gore-Tex GFO "Tephite" Graphite/ePTFE composite packing for Stuffing boxes? - For a one inch shaft, cut two to three pieces of 1/4"dia. I put the Gore-Tex stuff from in my 92 comp, it is some awesome stuff, I got it to the point of 1 drip every 4 mins or so.. if that much. shaft and rudder packing, Flax 3/16″ – 1 ft piece (order as many feet as you need) We also have Gore Tex packing – see part # GT-3/16 and GT-1/4 NOTE: Rudders use 3/16″ packing – 1 foot does about 3 wraps inside the rudder packing nut – this is usually enough for most rudder applications, however sometimes 4 wraps is needed. 2) Undo the packing nut all the way, dig out packing from inside nut, clean out all remnants of packing, replace packing, put packing nut back on. It's impregnated with Teflon (it looks white-ish). Gore fibers, which renders it thermal conductive, allowing your stuffing box to run cooler. We plan to take the boat out tomorrow for a "real test" and will report back. shaft packing. That means that your bilge will be dry. Pacific Fishermen's shipyard recently installed INDUSTRIAL Brand TM GFO PTFE/Graphite stuffing box seals on Darryl Olsen's … Bob PartyTime After 15 years of successfully handling demanding industrial pump applications, it's now proving itself in the marine field, too. The combination of Gore fibers, ptfe and graphite makes it very strong and durable. 6 layers in each log. This is why we really like the 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX (GTX) liners to keep out all water and allow sweat to dissipate for dry feet all day long. GFO fiber dripless packing is a braided propeller and rudder shaft packing that you can install and forget about. If you have a single taper shaft that's a lot of fun. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Marine Packing at the official West Marine online store. flax drips, GoreTex not really, maybe every so often. We sell a couple of gland packing materials, PTFE flax and graphite cotton gland packing, on an 8 metre roll or per metre for maintenance. Gore-tex코리아 ; 주요장비. Thank you. The low surface friction of GTU contributes to less drag on the shaft… If you're using the gore packing, it will be 3 layers of packing cut to just fit around the shaft & joints spaced at least 90 degrees apart. The Solution: Change to INDUSTRIAL Brand GFO PTFE/Graphite tapered packing rated to 550F.

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