This is one of the main festivals that are celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh and one that is renowned all around the globe. If you are looking to step into the world of extraordinary new experiences found nowhere on the earth, then Arunachal Pradesh is the place for you, not only just because of its beautiful nature & environment but also with the different types of the festival in Arunachal Pradesh. The area of Arunachal Pradesh depends on the animal and agriculture husbandry as a source of livelihood. Image Source Founded by Bobby Hano and Menwhopause guitarist Anup Kutty in 2012, Ziro Music Festival in Arunachal Pradesh has many great Indie artists under its name like Steve Shelley, Lou Majaw, Shaa’ir n Func, Indus Creed, Lee Ranaldo, Menwhopause, Guru Rewben Mashangva, and Peter Cat Recording Co among others. The main specialty of the Khan festival is that people from different backgrounds and cultures come and celebrate the festival, which shows a beautiful blend of heritage and culture. It is a three-day festival celebrated in January every year. So, here is the list of festivals in Arunachal Pradesh: Brahmaputra Darshan, is a known festivals in Arunachal Pradesh, which is a famous Arunachal Pradesh. 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Best Smart Photo Management App for Android, Some of the best Lighter version App for Android, Sound Smarter with These Vocabulary Building App. (Dholru) is the first month of the lunar year and also the very first day of the month is … The festival celebrates the culture and heritage of the Galo Tribe. Description of Sangken Festival. This festival is celebrated to hail the spring and successful harvest. The high priest performs the significant rituals and offers prayers to the spirits to bring harmony and prosperity to all. The Tawang Festival: The Tawang Festival is held in October of every year. Visakha Utsav – Amazing Cultural Festival In South India. Not only Buddhists, but people from other religious background take part to give a secular feel to the festival. Monpas is one of the largest tribes living in the Tawang. M… Oh My God Facts about India, world records held! This article lists the top festivals celebrated in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The festival is celebrated by Monpa tribe to welcome a new year. Last Date of online Registration is 15/02/2019 up to 5 PM, On Spot registration can also be done at Audition venue. They are also known for their sustainable agricultural practices and the agricultural cycles govern their everyday lives. They follow basic Vaishnavism and maintain a strict village society which is ruled by a hereditary chief. Sangken Festival Every year on February 14, the entire state of Arunachal Pradesh one of its most important festivals--Sangken. Mopin. This is one of those cultural and famous … Solung is an agriculture festival of Arunachal Pradesh held in monsoon month. This winter festival celebrated in Nampong in Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh was started in the year 2007, and since then been gaining a lot of popularity. This festival is a part of an Apatanis in Arunachal Pradesh. The dancers are invited to the houses of the families who have observed Chamkat to perform at their house, and in return, they are offered food and drinks. The river is also worshipped as a god, and it symbolizes peace, harmony, and the culture of Arunachal Pradesh. – Part 2, Lifestyles of India’s richest billionaires. Arunachal Pradesh is famous for its distinct culture, rich heritage and natural sightseeing. The festival is held for three days and is celebrated by the Hill-Miris community in February. The third group comprises of Octes and Wanchos tribal communities of the Tirap district. The festival offers adventure activities like elephant race, traditional boat race, River rafting, Food Festivals, Folk dances, Cultural Shows, Hot air balloon Paragliding. By taking a glimpse of all these festivals, you will learn about the lifestyle of tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh. It is held for three days with active participation from all members. Tawang festival celebration was started from the year 2012, and the attractions and visiting people number are increasing year by year. Loku festival is celebrated to bid farewell to winters by the Nocte Tribe of Tirap district. It is celebrated for three days, where animals like pigs are slaughtered for meat in first day and arrangement of preparations on the next day. Are you ready for the Indie music festival of your dreams? This festival takes place every third year at Roing. The festivals of Arunachal Pradesh are organised and publicised by the Ministry of Tourism, of the Government of India, every year. Later drive to Ziro, one of the most beautiful hill stations of Arunachal Pradesh Upon arrival check in at hotel. The festival was earlier celebrated as Brahmaputra Darshan Festival in Tezu and Pasighat, but since 2005, this festival is celebrated as Siang River Festival in Tuting, Yingkiong and Pasighat. It must also be mentioned that Losar is the most important festival of the Monpas in Tawang. People also visit their relatives and friends during this time. Ayodhya Land Dispute Case: Past, present and future! The festivals form a significant part of that cultural heritage. The rituals and the sacrifice (on behalf of people) are performed by the high priest who is known as Nibu. Nyokum. It is a festival of the Nyishi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh and is celebrated on 28th February every year. 2 Stages – 40 Musicians – 6000 Attendees. There is a mandatory ritual that every household performs Chamkat for its male members who have attained adolescence on the day of Chamkatja. Somewhere above the clouds in the hills of Arunachal Pradesh lies Ziro, a pine-clad valley that's famous for its rice cultivation. It is the time when people celebrate the local delicacies and drinks. On the final day, all the villagers irrespective of sex, age or social status take part in the local folk dances. This festivals in Arunachal Pradesh involves the sacrifice of eggs, fowls, and animals to the gods. Experience Mopin Festival. People from different economic, political, and social backgrounds come together to take participate in this event. People from different social strata take active participation in this festival and add significance to the festival. Fashion Designing in India: What, How and Where? This festivals in Arunachal Pradesh is celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh for around five days, which appeasement of the deities who control the prosperity and peace through. The holy possesses some of the significant roles in the event. MONPA FESTIVAL ARUNACHAL PRADESH. During the fest, a local beer called Apong is prepared by each house. The festival celebrates the ethnicity and folk songs and dances of the state. The people wear their traditional costumes during the festival. The festival is celebrated during February-August. Dree Festival. The Orange Festival is one of the many efforts being made by the Arunachal Pradesh government to promote tourism in this almost-untouched part of the country. In Ziro, every year, a Ziro Music Festival also makes a boom in the Northeastern Part of India, which is famous in Arunachal Pradesh and the best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh. Also Read: All you need to know about Arunachal Pradesh. Celebrated in the first week of September, 'SOLUNG' is a popular festival of the Adi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. 13 Reasons Why Delhi Metro Has Become An Everyday Part Of…, Mother’s Day: Another awesome Doodle by Google in 2020, Baisakhi – About, Origin, Wishes and Greetings. Each festival of Arunachal Pradesh has its own belief or story integral to the people of the place. The festival is celebrated for three days in which people bathe the idol of Lord Buddha. excited!!! The festival is celebrated with full zest and zeal by the Apatani tribe of Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. How to control recession in automobile industry in India? Since agriculture is the main population of Arunachal Pradesh, thus here one can find fairs and festivals related to it like Choekhor Harvest Festival, Solung, and Loku. Do you think China will attack India again? Vibrant dances are an integral part of the ceremonies of the festival. This festival is mainly associated with the Idu Misamis and requires a sacrifice of buffaloes in huge amounts. Arunachal Pradesh offers the richness of the river in the form of harvest and crop. The festivals form a significant part of that cultural heritage. Here I bring to you my exotic experience of the Nyishi tribe’s annual Nyokum Yullo Festival in Yazali. The people who inhabit snow fall areas viz. Ziro Festival of Music is an outdoor music festival held in the Ziro valley in the northeast Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.It showcases the independent music scene in India. This festival is celebrated to happy these gods to avoid any type of famine in society. Agriculture is the main occupation of the state and hence most of the festivals have a close relation with their occupation. Tawang hill station in Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful place with topmost tourist attractions. Nyokum Yullo is celebrated in Nyishi districts all over Arunachal Pradesh. The rituals of the festivals continue for several days but the main gathering and the sacrifice take place from 23th to 27thFebruary. During the festival, people clean their homes, offer prayers and religious flags are hoisted atop each house; people read holy scriptures and lit lamps with oil in houses. Among the Arunachal Pradesh Holidays in 2020, the Boori Boot festival is Nyishi tribes’ way of offering gratitude to the gods for a successful harvest. VoxyTalksy uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. It also sees people offering prayers to the spirit of Boori Boot to blesses them with prosperity and keep them disease-free. The name Tawang came to the festival after the name of a hill station Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a popular winter festival of the Arunachal Pradesh state which is celebrated in Nampong in Changlang district. 9 Weird Professions That Pay Well In India! How to start basic weight training at the gym early to... Skoda Octavia RS 245 Price in India – Features, and Specs, History of Criminalization of politics in India. This festivals in Arunachal Pradesh involves the sacrifice of eggs, fowls, and animals … The river, which originates from the Manas Sarovar, it flows eastwards and gives life to the state. Thus when you want to step into the world of extraordinary beauty and come across experiences which you won't find anywhere on the planet earth, Arunachal Pradesh is the right destination for you. Losar is a New Year of Monpas. An exhibition of handicraft and handloom articles is also held. Although entire Arunachal celebrates it, majorly it is celebrated by the Khampti tribe of Lohit district. The Nyokum Yullo Festival of the Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh will leave a city dweller traveler in awe and mesmerised at the same time. The government of Arunachal Pradesh on January 20 declared the Pakke Paga Hornbill Festival (PPHF)–the state’s only conservation festival, as a “state festival”. It also marks the beginning of the New Year. Festival The district administration on behalf of government of Arunachal Pradesh invite Government officer/ official to participate in 2nd edition of officer /Official Idol. There is no fixed date for the festival, and Kebang or the village council decides the date as per the convenience of the villagers and after the date is fixed the people start preparing the rice beer – Apong. Ziro Festival of Music is the biggest and most happening outdoor music festival in Arunachal Pradesh. The home of the Apatani tribe, the Myoko festival is a time to renew and revive old and new friendships and offerings are prepared to present before Donyi Polo (the deity worshipped by the Apatanis) for a prosperous year ahead. ; Reh festival. All queries answered! During this two day festival, people enjoy by singing, dancing and get together. Arunachal Pradesh festival calendar commences with the Torgya Dance Festival, an annual festival held exclusively in Tawang Monastery. This three-day festival is a time for everyone to get together irrespective of caste, creed, age, and sex and celebrate the arrival of spring. Each festival of Arunachal Pradesh has its own belief or story integral to the people of the place. Six day long festival of Idus to appease deities who control the peace and prosperity of the people. Sanken festival is celebrated on 14th February and is an important religious festival in Arunachal Pradesh. You have entered an incorrect email address! Also Read: The Tryst with Nature; A Tribal Fashion Fiesta in Arunachal Pradesh The festival is usually held in February or in early March and is celebrated for about 8 to 15 days. Demonization – Bankers’ point of view! New Year festival of Monpas, celebrated in Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh and is most important festival of the Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh. The BASCON festival is celebrated by the Galo tribe of Arunachal Pradesh every year in November. Losar is celebrated by the Monpas who are a majority in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. The most happening music festival in the laps of the green valley of Arunachal Pradesh, the Ziro Music Festival is an outdoor music festival that showcases the talent of independent artists in India.This festival brings together the most significant musical talents of India and a diverse audience to witness it. Also, manual work, gambling, and even cutting trees is not allowed during the festival. A first of its kind in the state, the Innovation festival saw participation of more than 50 innovations, put on display by students from NERIST, NIT Yupia, and schools from different part of state, Grassroots Innovators, Artesian and Entrepreneurs from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and other states. Along with this, a handloom and handicrafts exhibition is also organized by different districts. The list is continuously growing and this time, it’s much larger than before! The festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Arunachal Pradesh is a state known for its rich culture and traditions. Chet Festival. This festival is mainly a Miji festival in Arunachal Pradesh. The river is also popularly known by the name as Siang among the local people. Belonging to the Mongoloid stock, the Monpas are mainly into agriculture and animal husbandry. This festival is celebrated in the last week of February, and the first week of March in the Buddhist temple called by the name Gompa, it is also one of the famous Buddhist festivals in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a three-day fest that takes place every January when the people of Arunchal Pradesh celebrate their extravagant ethnicity with performances of folk dances and songs. The Monpas worship their local for the welfare of society and the people. The festival is Arunachal’s Sunburn Festival. It focuses of the theme of Arunachal Tribal culture. If you are lucky enough to be visiting the state during the time of a festival, make sure not to miss the beautiful and engaging festivals. Mopin is an agricultural festival celebrated by the Galo tribe, residing in the central parts of … come enjoy festivals in Arunachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh is one of the best gorgeous places in India. Khan festival in Arunachal Pradesh is a significant event that is also an opportunity for the people to reunite. Losar Festival. © Thank you For Visit © VoxyTalksy | All Rights Reserved | Designed By The Digital Masala. Boori Boot is a get together irrespective of caste, creed, age and sex which aims at celebrating the arrival of spring. Fairs and Festivals in Arunachal Pradesh is the best way to understand the rich culture and tradition of the entire state. The music and the amalgamation of different cultures make for a great experience and memory. The Losar Festival is among the most important festivals celebrated in Tawang. Every day, there is an activity that takes place during the festival. Arunachal Pradesh Pema Khandu made the announcement while addressing the valedictory ceremony of the fourth edition of the festival at Seijosa in East Kameng district. DAY 09 : ZIRO – RAGA – ZIRO After breakfast, drive back to Raga village and attain Boori Boor festival. Celebrating for the prosperity and harmony of the people, this festival is the festival of the … The Apatanis, who inhabit a tranquil pine clad valley called Ziro at the core of Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh, are famous for their unique practice of wet rice cultivation. For an amazing vacation you should plan a trip to an amazing destination. It is the main one of the most popular festivals of Arunachal Pradesh. The festival is celebrated for ten days and is one of the most popular festivals in the state, celebrated especially by the Adi community. Just post breakfast, a short drive to the festival ground where you can enjoy all the revelries of Mopin Festival, one of the reasons for the tour. Because of the diverse culture and traditions and the presence of a plethora of tribes this state has a very colourful impact on the people visiting here. Festivals of Arunachal Pradesh exhibit the rich cultural heritage of the state. The festival sees the slaughter of Indian Bison along with pigs on the first day then one-third of the meat is distributed among the relatives, and a grand dinner is organized for the neighbours on the next day. The festival sees the sacrifice of fowls, eggs and animals to the Gods and people offer prayers to the deities of Tamu (to protect plants from harmful pests and insects), Metii (to control epidemics and famine), Danyi (to protect and for the prosperity of humanity) and Harniang (to ensure the fertility of crops and plants from getting dried). The Brahmaputra is much more regarded as a masculine river in the northeastern part of India. The event, largely sponsored and supported by the government, is a great way for travellers to seek off-beat experiences in this beautiful Northeastern state of India. This is a religious festival where the priest ties a sacred thread around the hand and neck of the natives. On the final day, the people of the village uproot the weak plants of paddy that are spoiled by worms and insects with the hope that ‘Kine Nane’ (the Goddess) will take away all the worms and insects out of the fields. It is an important agriculture festival. Due to the presence of the different numbers of tribes the state has a very rich cultural heritage. An ideal place to see the celebration of Dree is Ziro. The high priest (Nyibu), decides the venue for the worship, often a place near the paddy fields. The gods which are worshipped at the time of this festival are Metii, Harniang, Tamu, and Danyi. The arrangement of this festival has to make five years before the actual celebrations, as it is quite an expensive and elaborate affair. 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Stay overnight at hotel. Talo, Amru, and Dri villages of the Dibang valley celebrate it during summer and monsoon i.e. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. during June-August, when the climate is moderate and shoal of fishes are available in streams and rivers. Some of the most popular festivals of Arunachal Pradesh are Losar Festival, Torgya Festival, Saka Dawa, Dukpa Tse-Shi, Lhabab Duechen, Ganden Ngamchoe, Nyukom Yullow, Mopin Festival and others. The festival is celebrated in Tawang, which is one of the major tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh, is best visited during the festival time. Indulgence in any kind of killing animals, taking intoxicating drinks is prohibited during the festival. Arunachal Pradesh is a state known for its rich culture and traditions. The festival showcases the culture and tradition of the state, and along with it, it also displays the culture of neighbouring country Myanmar. Carnivals!!!! Day 8 - 05th April Full Day Festival Tour at Aalo. It is a festival of gratitude for the successful harvest in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The festival is a Buddhist festival celebrated with respect where Buddha is worshipped for the welfare of the mankind. Miji is one of the tribes in the Arunachal Pradesh which celebrates the festival. The festival is held for four days, where one can enjoy the performance of both domestic and international music artists. Arunachal Pradesh festival Calendar 2020, month & date wise listing of Arunachal Pradesh festivals, Arunachal Pradesh Festival Date 2020, Arunachal Pradesh Holiday Calendar 2020, Fairs an Festival calendar 2020in Arunachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh festivals and holidays for the year 2020. To celebrate the communal harmony in Arunachal Pradesh, Yomgo River Festival(Siang River Festival) is held annually. The final day witnesses the installing of the idol of Lord Buddha back in the main temple followed by the organization of a community feast. The days of the waxing moon decides the date of the festival, which is confirmed by the elders of the community. Arunachal Pradesh is a relatively unexplored and mysterious land of the Eastern Coast part of Himalayas, with the beautiful Kangto Peak and Gori Chen range above the carpet of pine treetops. Sangken festival is celebrated among all the natives of Arunachal Pradesh. And it is one the majorly celebrated Arunachal Pradesh Festivals. The Apatanis, reside in the valley which is called as Ziro. The festival invites music lovers from all over the place and other northeast states. ASEC Aruna Saxena English Classes and FANTASIES-things you need to know! If you are lucky enough to be visiting the state during the time of a festival, make sure not to miss the beautiful and engaging festivals. People offer prayers for well being if all by beating if drums and gongs. Men and women perform the traditional dance.

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