Why some of you are being jealous of an actress. The best performance here is the villain...I really like his performance for someone who's mentally unstable killer...he freak me out in some scene...nice man Dong Ha...I sometimes skipped the other romantic parts just to find his screen time...youre awesome dude. Lol. If only the female lead is kim seul gi, i would love SP from magma to pluto, then come back to magma for infinity times. I dont care about ratting... . Ji Chang Wook and Lee Sung Kyung may be the main characters. The soul of this drama only ji chang wook..without him i dont think ppl still watch this drama. ♥.♥. Sure, she can still pass for a teen, but I think she’s tired of being stuck in those kinds of roles. i will miss thios drama when it ends. Melisa Jun 22 2017 4:46 pm It’s time to say goodbye to our favorite grumpy prosecutor and feisty lawyer. Yes i am both of their fan. I ended up enduring it because the plot is interesting but I was not looking forward to the romantic scenes between the two lead albeit the hot kissing scenes and the undeniable chemistry between them. The lead actress although adorable is still very young and lacks experience which shows. Numerous awards have been a lot her can from movie and drama. So adorable. Very in love with this drama and especially ji chang wook he is very handsome.. The story is light, but it's so lovely.. the romance between No ji wook and Eun bong hee. I can say that he can make the viewers swoon because of his cute scenes in the drama. http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Suspicious_Partner&oldid=1185086, "Suspicious Partner" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". Nam Ji Hyun fighting!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with others, Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook together really makes the story wonderful. Everybody are doing an excellent job. I love them both! How is Nam Ji-Hyun annoying? i understand. Young Girl please next time take High School drama okey. Naman Ji-hyun beauty is so likable and I first noticed her on angel's Eyes. Veronica96 Jun 03 2017 8:53 pm I hate eun bong hee she is pretty but dirty, ji eun hyuk great cheater but great friend, cha yoo jung my most pretty but i don't like her, no ji wook hope you ain't gay cos opportunity come but once8-) (i guess you know what that means);) Cris Jun 22 2017 5:50 am How could he not find understanding in that situation? There is a teeny tiny chance for you to be with JCW so don't put such a high hope. Beondi Jul 03 2017 7:19 pm I know thats how the world is. Nam Ji Hyun's sweet smile and badass flying kick and Ji Chang Wook's face after the kick - it's like he wasn't mad at all but simply dazed in an infatuated sense. After watching "Healer" and "The K2" I can say JCW had a great chemistry with PMY in every single scene but with Yoona (it's pure my opinion) the chemistry was turn and down, sometimes great sometimes not. His acting is also superb as usual. Lol I'm probably reading too much into this, I'm obsessed with this drama. I absolutely love this series :) Now that Suits is still on summer break, I'm so glad I found an other entertaining legal drama (this one is a bit different genre, but still). Han Jimin is way better. I have sympathy with her so I hope she will work on it. Ji chang wook and nam ji hyun ” Warrior Baek Dong So ”. i really Lee Sung kyung to accept the female lead oh well ill watch this because of Ji Chang wook first romcom omg. i love every minute, every line and every interaction between bong hee and ji wook. Lee Wan and Park Shin Hye, please!!!! Had a cute chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun and love the combination of suspense and comedy. This is the creme de la creme of rom-coms. Can't get enough of you??? Highly recommended. //]]>, //

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