We’ve rolled out a new map feature where you can discover what parts of the world are open to you. It’s owned by Skyscanner Holdings Limited — which is unique, considering many of its competitors, such as Kayak or Expedia, are owned by behemoth conglomerates. Connie Motz is a Freelance Writer with a proven ability to create informative and insightful articles on any subject, with an expertise in travel. Between 2016-2018, I lived in Vietnam and then Japan, and wrote extensively about my experiences there for travel publications. Jayndee. Freelance Travel Writer Skyscanner. But Skyscanner is more than that. Skyscanner is a leading travel search site, used by over 60 million people each month. Visits to the Skyscanner website, owned by Trip.com Group Ltd, are down by 60pc to 70pc due to the pandemic's impact on travel demand, Aitken said. With 5+ years in the journalism industry, I have contributed to over a dozen online publications including The Financial Diet, The Coast Halifax's Weekly, The Guardian and Skyscanner.I worked as a staff writer and editor for both Skyscanner and The Coast, and have worked in a freelance capacity for a range of other magazines.. de 2020 – Actualidad 6 meses. However, another consistent thing we kept hearing from our intrepid travelers was that the travel and hospitality industry is going above and beyond to make people feel safe. To be able to pull up a chair outside a cafe or bar in St. Germain or Montmartre and be surrounded only by the locals made me feel like a local, too. You can read up on the full WHO recommendations on precautions to take here. With 5+ years in the journalism industry, I have contributed to over a dozen online publications including The Financial Diet, The Coast Halifax's Weekly, The Guardian and Skyscanner. We went to town on balloons and food and had a great, COVID-safe time. If you need tips on surviving a long flight, my friend Patti has a great survival guide. Almost every traveler we talked to commented on how the experience of flying was less stressful than they expected. and more under pen names K.A. As well as having led content and brand operations at Lonely Planet, Tom is a regular voice covering travel. The Big Apple! Searchable archive of writing projects including in-house and remote technical writing, case studies, training guides, blogs, content marketing pieces, web copy. Arriving in Athens, I strolled through passport control only tofind that my suitcase was the one having to wait for me at the carousels! Is it safe to travel between provinces? Today I live in Toronto, Ontario and am a contributing writer at The Financial Diet. This year, one of the things we’ve consistently heard is that the beaches are pretty much free of people. “I spent some time in Paris this summer. *Get ready to go places. Here’s how they establish themselves in new markets from there. Save job Not interested Report Job As for Photographers, they often make money for every image they sell, and the going rate for those also varies and are dependent upon industry, quality, need, etc… 4.) This year, themed face masks are the new fridge magnets. The biggest positive for me was how little we took for granted since we were so craving the trip.” – Lloyd, Software Engineer. Be sure to bring enough face coverings to last you in between washings, and give your hands a good scrub whenever possible. There are so many positives to traveling, but we have to also knowledge that travel is different this year. I love sharing my stories and helping people tell theirs. You can have your pick of prime beachfront houses at a discounted price and experience the slow pace of life without the hustle and bustle of tourists in a hurry.” – Kirsteen, Legal. It really will be just you and the scenery. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you'll be ready. Flying is a lot less stressful. Experiencia. Want to learn more about the state of travel? Big name destinations with big attractions come with big ol’ line ups. All dining was outdoors, so we felt safer than dining out at home in enclosed spaces. * We bring great minds together to make the hard stuff easy for travellers. If that’s not an unexpected upside, we don’t know what is. It’s easy to dismiss the appeal of your home country, but explore your own backyard is becoming a 2020 mantra. UX Writing Content Design Content Strategy Workshop Delivery Speaker and UX Writing mentor. Installation. Therefore, please make sure you check government advice, travel responsibly, and we can work together to revitalize and rehabilitate this new world of travel. At the time of writing, Spotify, Skyscanner, the BBC, Morgan Stanley and Net-a-Porter all have big-ticket ‘user experience’ vacancies at their London offices. I’m available for new projects & commissions so please feel free to contact me at: kantarci.gamze(at)gmail.com Seven hours by myself with empty roads and a nice hire-car, through beautiful countryside. She has a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and has appeared in Travel Weekly and the Huffington Post. A lot of people regularly ask me how I always seem to find the cheapest flights to the places I plan on traveling to, so I thought I would write a quick post about one of my favourite booking websites and a brief review of Skyscanner plus tips on booking cheap flights. One of the biggest perks of travel in today’s world is that once-crowded cities get a break. Started by travel writer and content strategist Brooke Thio, Roamescapes shares in-depth guides and travel essays. Skyscanner is a search engine that scours the web to deliver you a list of the travel deals. The platform connects users directly with airlines, making it effortless to easily find and book the right ticket online. One of the biggest is being able to stay and work in new places and spend time with family. Travel News Empty sun loungers and zero queues: 2020 travel first-hand. “I took my two young sons on a flight and there were two bonuses I hadn’t expected: 1) the free water and snacks, which we’d previously had to pay for, and 2) passengers remaining seated on arrival until their row was called. A lengthy 2 hour wait. The Eternal City! Specialties include: • Web Content & SEO Articles • Blogging • Reviews • Top Ten Lists • Periodicals • Interviews • Tips • FAQ’s Skyscanner’s Singapore office is their entry point to the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to physical travel restrictions, local governments usually have guidelines on social distancing, the number of people in a group, mask-wearing, and days to quarantine, if necessary. The change of scenery was very welcome, and I felt good investing in local hospitality in the city I love.” – Tanya, Content Manager. Well we'd love it if you left us a review. Seasoned travel writers and Skyscanner staff are continuously researching and writing about the latest in travel, including news, trends and destinations. Contributing travel features for GR news site, conducting keyword searches and uploading content on Wordpress platform. Meet the people who escaped the UK to spend lockdown abroad From roaming the island of Crete to relaxing outside of Berlin, the lure of retreating to foreign shores was too great for some This office is the major Skyscanner Edinburgh area location. may. Alex Keshen is the global travel publisher at Finder and has been living, breathing and, of course, writing about all things travel for more than 10 years. It wasn’t a long break, but it really helped my mental well-being.” – Andrew, Developer, “Having been desperate to get anywhere, it was great to have the ability to spend a long weekend in Copenhagen. From empty planes to fast disembarkation to even faster baggage pick-ups, our travelers reported that they felt safe and—dare we say it—rather spoiled. Some tourist sites have seen upticks in crowds, such as the Great Wall of China and Mount Snowdon in Wales. However, right now the queues have quite literally disappeared. Lydia Klemensowicz, Content Writer at Skyscanner Canada. Join her to explore the world through her writing! You won’t be surprised to learn that most people we spoke to waxed lyrically about how much better they felt after a break away from their routine and the same four walls of their home. The Big Smoke! feb. de 2019 – Actualidad … Now, since both of us are working from home, we rented a house for a month in Bodrum, Turkey (our home country) and worked together from the balcony, which had an amazing sea view, and we could take swimming breaks. Are you one of them? As part of their vision states — Apply without logging in: Our vision is to become the Skyscanner for online shopping, the place for South East Asia’s 600M people start their e-commerce journey. Amazing flights for less by Skyscanner! Alternatively, you can contact us in writing at: Skyscanner … I’d read that I’d need to reserve ferry tickets, face queues, book restaurants – basically, plan every detail. This is written to help the site get found through search engines and the articles are also shared through social media and email newsletters. ... Wendy is a travel writer and consultant specialising in insightful travel content, itineraries and tips. Apart from print, I offer copywriting and content creation for both SEO and brand building purposes. We know that travel is especially difficult right now. Oct 2018 – Present 2 years 1 month. Some destinations mandate mask-wearing whenever you’re outside your accommodation, so having one on hand will keep you on the good side of local government. – Kim, Content Writer. Here you’ll find the lowdown on our culture, offices and the jobs we have available. Normally, the views from the top of the Empire State Building will cost you 1.5 hours of queuing time. How to spend 72 hours in Chiayi, Taiwan. We all know that if you’re booking a beach break over the summer months, you need to get up at the crack of dawn to secure that sun lounger by the sea. The world is on high alert, and it’s natural to feel the same, especially if you’re traveling during coronavirus. In fact, traveling during coronavirus is still a big unknown for many of us, and it can be a challenge to know exactly what to expect. Nov 2019 – Aug 2020 10 months. The London Eye? I write the Rome content for Frommer's Travel Guides, and I am the Italy and Switzerland Expert for TripSavvy.com (formerly About.com Travel). Read more about travelling by plane from arrival to departure in 2020. If you have reason to believe that your copyright is being infringed by any content on our Services or Platforms, please send a written notification of the alleged infringement to [email protected], for the attention of the Legal Department. Planning ahead will help you avoid off-peak times, which will be a win for you as well as those who live and work in the destination. Each government around the world has put in place their own advice regarding flying during the coronavirus outbreak, and we recommend you check with your local advisory board for the latest advice. Hopi, Skyscanner, Ofix, and Mozaik Design are some of the brands I’ve provided service as a ghostwriter. I was Team Lead and Regional Editor for Touring Bird (via Vaco @ Google), the experiential travel site from Area120, Google's internal project incubator. Find him on CNN, BBC News, Sky News, BBC Radio 5 live and many others where he gives advice and context on issues affecting tourism, from volcanic eruptions to economic crises. Pet, travel & culture journalist - freelancer at monopoli.gr. Meaning, no matter what time of day you stroll to the shore, you’ll just be able to nab a top sunbathing spot. “My dad rarely takes time off, so we never had a long vacation together with my family. A free inside look at Skyscanner salary trends based on 331 salaries wages for 109 jobs at Skyscanner. It’s also amazing to see how well some European cities are handling the crisis and the length the tourism industry is going to keep people safe and sanitized.” – Kim, Content Writer. At the command line: $ easy_install skyscanner Or, if you have virtualenvwrapper installed: $ mkvirtualenv skyscanner $ pip install skyscanner Trouble is, that sunset pic or cathedral snap looks a lot less cool with 150 people milling about in the background. Not only is this throwing some much-needed business to the domestic travel and hospitality industries, but it’s environmentally friendly too! When it comes to travelling between provinces, there is a bit of a misconception that Canadians are permitted to travel everywhere within the country. The Colosseum? It was my third time visiting the place, and our ability to freely walk Charles Bridge and Meridian Square made me discover the city in a new light.” – Anastasija, User Satisfaction. If you plan to travel in 2020, here are some silver linings* travelers have found first-hand. “We just returned from 10 amazing days in Turkey. I worked as a staff writer and editor for both Skyscanner and The Coast, and have worked in a freelance capacity for a range of other magazines. Hold onto your hats, because the wait is 2.5 hours for that giant Ferris wheel. Find out everything you need to know about traveling during coronavirus with Skyscanner. “Skyscanner faithfully pulls in airfares into an easy-to-search, easy-to-use flight finder and fare comparison website,” says Abigail. Skyscanner works with the best travel writers in Australia and New Zealand to provide regular content for its websites. Empty sun loungers and zero queues: 2020 travel first-hand, stay informed with the coronavirus safety measures, 2021 travel trends and how traveler focus is shifting. Freelance Journalist Monopoli.gr. (It only takes 30 seconds, we promise!). Wiggins or Juniper James, or ghost-written under client accounts. What can I buy from Skyscanner? Find the Skyscanner Edinburgh address. So much less stressful than the usual leaping-up-to-get-your-cabin-bags-out routine as soon as the seatbelt light turns off.” – Davina, Learning Manager, “Although a quiet airport is an eerie place, everything happens so quickly. Providing travellers peace of mind The unique package will initially be available to travellers as part of a phased roll-out in Europe, before becoming available in up to 50 countries worldwide. Although the pandemic has invariably had huge impacts on the travel industry, from travel restrictions, canceled trips and uncertainty surrounding safe travel, our love of travel has inspired us to seek out ways to make the most out of a difficult situation. While Skyscanner will endeavour to ensure that the content of the Service and the Website is accurate, you should not rely on such content. There are a number of ways you can mitigate the risks of exposure while traveling during coronavirus. 23 Eilansgate Terrace Hexham Northumberland NE46 3ER United Kingdom ☎ +44(0)1434602775 +44(0)7507604097 E: [email protected] Skype: natal783010 Executive- Content Writer (Indonesian Speaker) iPrice group. It’s important to do your part when traveling to a new city or country. Run by digital nomads, Jan and Daniel, Jayndee is a collection of stories and guides of their travel adventures, intertwined with their life journey. “For my birthday this year, I initially wanted to splash some cash on a fancy holiday abroad, but COVID-19 meant this wasn’t a safe option. I was under the sunshine in minutes.” – Gavin, Business Analyst. Travel might not be the same as it used to be, but there are still silver linings. A big bonus of traveling during coronavirus is that you don’t have to use trickery or the right moment to get a perfect picture with just you in it. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Whether it was a two-week holiday or just a few days, the mental health benefits were palpable. Instead, my partner and I booked a fancy staycation in a London hotel. ... Travel Writer Skyscanner. Flying isn’t an option for everyone, and as such, the humble staycation has sky-rocketed into the hearts and minds of holidaymakers that still need a break away from the 9 to 5. Take a look around! Flexible schedules and working from home have been on the menu for a while, but until COVID-19, not that many people had experienced the benefits of it. A major upside to traveling at the moment? Give your bank a heads up before your trip so that your card doesn’t get declined while you’re buying a souvenir. Almost every traveler we talked to commented on how the experience of flying was less stressful than they expected. Masks and hand sanitizers are added accessories you might have to bring along for your trip depending on where you’re going. If you see that a destination is busy, opt to venture elsewhere where you can escape the crowds instead. Instead of queuing for major attractions for hours, or being shoulder to shoulder with camera-wielding visitors, beloved destinations are less crowded and more open. It was really refreshing to watch boats while taking Zoom calls, cook delicious food together and just be together for a longer amount of time!” – Ezgi, Developer. Here are some of our readers’ favorite articles: Everything you need to know about airplane filters and cleaning; How to plan a multi-country holiday during COVID-19 “My husband and I were desperate to go on a holiday, and we decided on Prague. Whenever you’re ready, the world is waiting for you. Short of flying to the Maldives on a private island, it’s rare to find stretches of sand without a crowd. LONDON - Skyscanner, the leading global travel marketplace has partnered with Cover Genius, the global insurtech leader, to introduce a first of its kind travel insurance package. Hand sanitizers will be useful in-between hand washings, so keep one tucked into your day bag. We were in a coastal town, so spent the majority of our time on the beach and swimming in the sea, with little close contact with others. Wendy is a travel writer and consultant specialising in insightful travel content, itineraries and tips. It was the fastest disembarkment of a full flight I have ever experienced! Award-winning freelance writer and experienced content strategist passionate about travel, words, strategic branding, and wholehearted storytelling. This is an overview of the Skyscanner Edinburgh campus or office location. Ghostwriting & Content Marketing Portfolio. 30+ days ago. Some Freelance Writers pull-down $200 – $1000 per story and publish multiple stories per week. Clearly, the value and importance of user-focused copywriting is making its mark on digital marketing budgets. Bangsar South. “The beaches of Mozambique have been virtually deserted, the flamingos have returned to the shallow waters of the beaches of Maputo and once crowded seaside locations such as Tofo, Bilene and Santa Maria have become zen hangouts where people escape the city and work remotely. Everything feels a bit up in the air at the moment, and travel is no different. I think that’s the way to approach travel at the minute: roll with it and enjoy every moment.” – Lisa, Communications. I merrily swanned onto boats ten minutes before and turned up to restaurants on a whim. The Metro was quiet, it was easy to get a table at top restaurants, and I didn’t have to book in advance for any galleries or attractions. Pilots / Flight Attendants. Skyscanner can help you search for and locate: Flights Many businesses are moving to cashless payments in an attempt to minimize hand-to-hand contact. “I spent a week exploring Lake Como, Italy in September, and it was one of the most relaxing trips I’ve ever been on. I felt much more present and grateful the whole time – it made me realize how much we had been taking travel for granted.” – Eileen, Designer. So, we spoke to some of Skyscanner’s most frequent flyers who have discovered some unexpected positives of traveling during this crazy climate. Founder UX Writers España. Download our New World of Travel report. That way as soon as they open up for business, you’ll be the first to know. *Please note: Even though we highlight the positives in this article, we want you to know that Skyscanner takes COVID-19 and its impact on travel, the people working in tourism, and the world very seriously. You can even set Destination Alerts on dream locations that are not quite ready to welcome tourists. It was both surreal and magical seeing it without tourists. But none of this was true. Some cities that are typically jammed with tourists are much quieter. If you’re traveling domestically in the U.S., stay informed with the coronavirus safety measures in each state. These include wearing a mask at all times, washing your hands regularly, carrying alcohol-based hand rubs/hand sanitizers with you, and social distancing. “I needed to collect my daughter after she’d been away for respite care. Who doesn’t want to spend their lunch break by the sea? Unsure of where you can travel? Since the advent of the smartphone, we’ve all embraced amateur photography—Instagram provided us with the gallery space. -Revamping content for Skyscanner GR & IE, conducting content audits and keyword researches.-Contributing travel articles.-Optimising SEO.-Upskilling freelancers.-Addressing cannibalisation between Ireland & UK domains. Senior UX Writer Skyscanner. 5.1 Your use of the Service and the Website is entirely at your own risk. Salaries posted anonymously by Skyscanner employees. 5.2 Skyscanner makes no representations and does not warrant to … I believe that stories are powerful - that they bring us together and drive us forward. From empty planes to fast disembarkation to even faster baggage pick-ups, our travelers reported that they felt safe and—dare we say it—rather spoiled. ... featured SKYSCANNER articles . Browse jobs and read about the Skyscanner Edinburgh location with content posted anonymously by Skyscanner employees in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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