The oscillation coverage is also wider than other fans, allowing for 120-degree wide coverage when in oscillation mode. The oscillation feature moves the wind outlets and not the fan itself, which contribute to the overall noise reduction of the whole fan itself while operating. With a height of 40.7 inches and weighing in at 9.48 pounds, the fan only covers a footprint of about 11.8 inches. With a wide-angle coverage of oscillation, the AmazonBasics Oscillating 3 Speed Tower Fan can cool a room down in minutes. It has a ‘double’ blade configuration which adds more airflow than possible with a fan of this configuration. Even ultra-modern dwellings will have a combination of cooling oscillating fans that work in tandem with the modern air conditioning systems in our homes today. Adjustable vents at the top that make this fan reach far higher than comparable tower fans in the market is also a valuable add-on. This is where the Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan goes out of its traditional roots because it comes fully equipped with a programmable timer and remote control that can access all fan functionalities. Fully assembled, the tower fan stands at 42 inches with a footprint of just a little bit over a foot at 13 inches. There are three modes, and one that stands out is the ‘natural’ mode which makes the fan mimic how natural air is delivered in a natural setting, intermittently varying its speed while staying quiet the whole time. Standing at 40.7 inches and having less than a foot in diameter at its base, it is super sturdy and well balanced helped by its weight of 13.6 pounds. Genesis 43-Inch Oscillating Digital Tower Fan. - BEAT THE HEAT –If you live in the heat with no central air, or your window AC units do a poor job of moving air around your whole house or apartment, this stand up fan creates excellent air flow making you feel cooler, - VERY QUIET – Powered by 3 speed settings H/M/L, fan creates a powerful breeze, but even on H, you can still hear the TV. The remote control is a handy couch and bed companion, High airflow output even at its lowest setting, Everything snaps together perfectly upon assembly, There is a grating noise in oscillation mode sometimes, Touch-sensitive buttons are a welcome addition, The packaging is neat and impressive, worth a mention, The output is excellent and strong even at the lowest setting, Very easy to assemble, even without reading the instructions, Blades are a dust magnet and very hard to clean, The noise it generates serves as white noise to drown out other annoying sounds, Quiet and still powerful even at the highest speed, Remote labels are a bit confusing due to missing labels. Having dry skin or dried out nasal passages is a result of prolonged air conditioner use because of lowered humidity levels. The 36-inch Digital Tower Fan provides a surprisingly powerful airflow despite its small stature in combination with being quiet even at its highest speed setting. Like all tower fans, it fits into almost any sized space and made even easier by a built-in handle. The design has some additional aesthetic touches that allow it to stand out from the ‘normal’ tower fan with its combination of satin and gloss black finishes. The humble fan does not stop there — you can also use the fan to work with your existing air conditioner, allowing you to cool down a room using less power just by placing the fan to complement the air conditioners airflow, maximizing its cooling potential. Coming in at the height of 43 inches, the Airvention X01A Oscillating Premium Tower Fan distinctly has that premium feel. Although smaller than other tower fans, the  Aikoper 36″ Oscillating Tower Fan produces a relatively strong airflow even at its lowest speed setting compared to other tower fans that are even larger. The Lasko T42954 Tower Fan is 42.5” tall with a woodgrain face and grey body. In the end, it might come to each person’s preference according to their needs when they want to buy the tower fan. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. The Genesis 43-Inch Oscillating Digital Tower Fan is also equipped with an anti-surge protection feature, a welcome addition that prolongs the lifespan of the fan. The fan’s weight enables it to be moved anywhere in the house without major effort. It, A ‘natural’ mode setting is available, letting you experience natural wind by varying speeds and modes. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED “AS IS” AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME, Not only complete with the above specifications, but it is also important for you to note its great features. Color:Silver Product Description The Lasko T42954 … However, a good advice, an ionizer tower fan will help a healthier environment. You may need to work on a limited budget, but also need to purchase an excellent product. Shop lasko 42.5-in 3-speed indoor gray tower fan in the portable fans section of The Lasko 2551 Wind Curve is a good fan that offers cool, gentle breezes for smaller offices and rooms. Nighttime Setting automatically dims the control display and sets the fan on (H) for an hour, - A REAL SPACE SAVER – Standing 43” tall with a small 13” x 13” footprint, the sleek, vertical design optimizes floor space letting you to put the fan in places where pedestal & box fans won’t fit. The Lasko T42951 Tower Fan is 42. Check Latest Price on Amazon As their name suggests, this fan is normally mounted on the ceiling. Many people battle on their wish to get the best product but don’t know where to start to select the best option. While Lasko T42951 version is made with silver color. The base is very sturdy and the entire tower is perfectly balanced and steady on it as it turns. TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS; This brand provides a high-quality household product for over 100 years. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (,, or Oscillating Tower Fan comes equipped with a fully-featured remote control and a fully programmable 7.5-hour timer that can be adjusted in 30-minute increments. Occupying a mere 10 inches as its base, this fan is a prime example of what a tower fan is known for, saving space. Number #2: Lasko 4924 High-Velocity Blower Fan. You can control the fan from anywhere in the room and not be bothered by getting up while in the middle of a restful sleep just to shut the fan off. Adding this to the programmable timer will surely make the fan blend in nicely to any living room or couch. Their industrial applications are numerous, but we will be talking about the ones primarily used for personal purposes, the ones we use at home. A 7.5-hour programmable timer gets you that turn on – and – forget functionality. Coming in with a diameter of 16 inches, this fan is unmatched in the airflow by a large margin with any tower fan. The Trustech Oscillating Remote Control Tower Fan is a 3.6-foot fan that comes to you in three parts that require the simplest assembly. Read also: Lasko 2554 vs 2559. Buy on Amazon The Lasko T42954 … Operating with three different mode settings, this fan caters to all preferences, whether you want the strongest possible airflow or just the bare minimum. Three modes for speed are at the core of operating this fan, which delivers powerful airflow while remaining whisper quiet. The Wind Curve tower fan is no exception. Easy to assemble and operate. 4. Comes with built-in carry handle, optional oscillation and energy efficient auto shut off timer programmable from 0. At 9.8 pounds, this fan can easily be picked up and moved into a corner and let it do its job without occupying a lot of space. The power cord goes through a flute and does not interfere with the fans balance when standing up. Lasko fans are etl listed, come with our patented blue Plug safety fuse … The Lasko T42951 … It also comes with a remote control where you can access the functions of the fan from a distance. An oscillating fan, on the other hand, can cool you down with less power consumption. Therefore, the fan is good for a high bed and powerful enough to blow across the room. Activating the oscillation mode at the touch of a button allows the most extensive coverage from the fans vantage point. This fan, however, makes up for space it fills by providing you with excellent airflow courtesy of its 18-inch aerodynamic blades. This type of oscillating fan is also sometimes called a stand fan or a desk fan, the main characteristic defining this fan is a wide base at the bottom which is weighted down for stability. While perfectly sized to deliver air even over taller types of furniture, adjustments can be made to make it reach even higher, assisted by the tower fans distinctively curving body. No need to worry about noise or unpleasant weather.  By using the Nighttime Setting automatically, it can dim the controlled display and sets the fan on (H) for an hour. This fan will powerfully circulate air through your home while taking up only a corner. The device is infinitely more affordable than a full-blown air conditioner, and no installation is required. The oscillation provides an extra-wide 75 degrees of oscillation coverage, ensuring that any room size is covered with cool air while maintaining quiet operation. The Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 in. 6. Another difference is that the Lasko T42951 is made with a nighttime setting. This will ensure the widest coverage and get that airflow to where you need it most. Lasko T42950 wind curve fan has three-speed setting options. Mostly made up of sturdy plastic, the fan is very easy to assemble and move around to any room where it might be needed. They could also be manufactured differently where a rod goes down from a ceiling and be connected to the motor with five or more blades. The same item with a standing fan for a private house. The Black + Decker 36 inches Digital Tower Fan comes in at 36 inches tall and is riding on a lot of expectations with a name associated with tools. The remote will allow you to control the fan anywhere you are in the room. Lasko: 8.5: GET ON AMAZON: 7: Lasko Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting, Timer and Remote Control for Indoor, Bedroom and Home Office Use, Silverwood T42954 Lasko: 8.2: GET ON AMAZON: 8: Lasko …

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