In "Night Train to Lisbon" a few lines trigger a quest that turns everything on its head! Paulista/Fotolia - Literatur. Privacy Policy | This over 1,000-page masterpiece offers a panoramic view of society in the 19th century and exposes the collapse of a merchant family: unrecognized sons, disillusioned daughters and the loss of middle-class ideals. Nobel laureate Herta Müller coins words for hunger and deprivation that are as beautiful as they are painful. The narrator, who has left Turkey having lied about her age, learns German while working in menial jobs to earn money for drama school. Eckhart Tolle. Joseph Roth's novel "Job" is a tale of life in the Jewish shtetl, the traditional village. One of the finest novels to characterise 19th-century Germany, Buddenbrooks was published in 1901, when Mann was 25. Bertolt Brecht's 'Threepenny Opera' is world famous. When people fall in love they sometimes do strange things. And would you be willing to die for them? "Buddenbrooks" by Thomas Mann will make your family issues look harmless. Don't you ever dream of just running away? You won't be able to put down Elfriede Jelinek's "The Piano Teacher.". For Elias Canetti's protagonist it's seeing his library go up in flames. It was the first novel (by a German author) to look at local resistance to the National Socialists and is based on the true story of a working-class couple, the Hampels, which was unearthed from Gestapo files and handed to Fallada by the Soviets. The Best German Novels of the Twentieth Century is a list of books compiled in 1999 by Literaturhaus München and Bertelsmann, in which 99 prominent German authors, literary critics, and scholars of German ranked the most significant German-language novels of the twentieth century. A bildungsroman by Judith Schalansky. Dazzling debut novels, searing polemics, the history of humanity and trailblazing memoirs ... Read our pick of the best books since 2000 Hilbig's novel can be read as a satire about the Stasi and the GDR's literary scene. After 1945 many Germans pleaded ignorance of the Holocaust. Till the Berlin Wall do us part? Meyer’s novel takes as its subject the world of prostitution and drugs following the fall of the communist regime. What would be your worst nightmare? From thrillers, to science fiction novels, fantasy literature and political satire, numerous genres boomed in the ‘New Russia’ of the 1990s. So when The Tin Drum was published in 1959 – looking at the war and its aftermath through the eyes of its notoriously unreliable narrator Oskar Matzerath, a paranoid dwarf living in an asylum – it landed like a bombshell. Read Patrick Süskinds novel "Perfume" and take an olfactory trip to 18th century Paris. Hansen’s narration, wonderful dialogue and nonlinear storyline keep the reader hooked, and the themes (from physical deprivations and inter-family conflicts, to community and the concept of home) are applicable to the current European refugee crisis, lending the novel not a little contemporary relevance. But he could write: "The Demons" is a portrait of 1920s Viennese society. The notorious German critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki (also called Literaturpapst… “Asterix 36: Der Papyrus des Cäsar” by Jean-Yves Ferri, Didier Conrad and Klaus Jöken This is considered the most successful German graphic novel from the … Gert Ledig's "Payback" is relentless and excruciating - important reading for anyone who hasn't lived through war. It was made into a fine movie by Fatih Akin in 2016. 10 … In "Mephisto," Klaus Mann tells the story of German actor Gustaf Gründgens. Before there was "Bridget Jones" or "Girls" there was Irmgard Keun's "The Artificial Silk Girl.". For modern readers curious about the country, the 150 years following unification in 1871 are of most interest. The book won Mann the Nobel prize for literature in 1929. Berlin – a cool, liberal, open-minded city until it's taken over by hate and violence. "The Swimmer" by Zsusza Bánk is set in Hungary, 1956 and tells the tale of two kids abandoned by their mom. linkedin Sounds tempting. Else Lasker-Schüler and "My Heart". Chabon’s novel combines elements of history, romance, adventure and escape making it a modern American epic or ‘heroic tale’ of its own. Ruth Westheimer. But it is also a commentary about life in an atmosphere where it is no longer possible to differentiate between victim and perpetrator. The best German crime novels . For a long while, they choose to ignore the rising tide of anti-Semitism — until it's too late. Legal notice | Heimito von Doderer was a Nazi and a sadist. Patients, caretakers, doctors: All are part of the same madness in "Insane." Popular to this day as an author of children's books, Erich Kästner was not so lucky with his first novel for adults. I read every book with the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Encyclopedia Brown when I was very young. Find your favorite genres and the classics within! Eugen Ruge tells  the story of East German history through the eyes of his own family. Martial arts training might be just the thing. 1. Hotel lobbies are great places for people watching! Digg Sir Richard Burton was the ultimate 19th century traveler: "The Collector of Worlds". This modern classic is a semi-autobiographical account of teaching at one of Paris’ inner city schools. AAAAAAH! The second book of a trilogy by Turkish-German writer, actor and director Sevgi Özdamar, this semi-autobiographical work looks at life in Germany from the perspective of a teenage gastarbeiter (guest worker) in the 1960s and 70s. "The Architects" by Stefan Heym is all about betrayal and illusions. Centering on the infamous firebombing of Dresden, Billy Pilgrim’s odyssey through time reflects the mythic journey of our own fractured lives as we search for meaning in what we fear most. Family vacations are stressful, especially when you have the characters in Sibylle Lewitscharoff's "Apostoloff" in tow. And German thriller writer Sebastian Fitzek, a familiar name on the country’s bestseller lists, came in seventh with Flugangst 7A. Read "Agnes" by Peter Stamm. relatively short) sentences and lack of overly complicated vocabulary. What if you actually became part of the story? If you're watching a movie, the last thing you need is for the person sitting next to you to explain the entire film. Facebook The Best German Novels of the Twentieth Century is a list of books compiled in 1999 by Literaturhaus München and Bertelsmann, in which 99 prominent German authors, literary critics, and scholars of German ranked the most significant German-language novels of the twentieth century. 04 June 1928. The canon of books worth reading, just like the resulting so-called "best literature" lists..." It is remarkably disappointing. Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best novels of all time, Slaughterhouse Five, an American classic, is one of the world’s great antiwar books. Famous 21st Century German Writers . The second part of the book takes in a parallel political life in Turkey. In communist East Germany, almost everyone spied on everyone else, as Wolfgang Hilbig describes in his espionage novel. Goetz's psychiatric novel hurts. "You can have my brain," said Rainald Goetz, and cut himself during a reading on TV. But none capture the modern aspect of the times better than Döblin’s masterpiece. What would drive a mother to abandon her only child? Kehlmann’s latest novel Tyll follows … Watch out for midlife crises! People in Germany were elated when WWI started — which seems totally absurd today. Hermann Hesse is a German writer, best known for his books Siddhartha, The Glass Bead Game, and Steppenwolf. Imagine being trapped behind an invisible wall, in a forest of all places. In an abandoned summer cabin in East Berlin, Edgar finds a book by Goethe — and loves it. Rubinrot book. Consequently, much of his work grapples with … A seemingly idyllic lakeside house whose history reflects the turbulence and brutality of the 20th century. “Till death do us part” - sounds romantic, right? "Hooligan" by Philipp Winkler takes you to a world full of testosterone, rage and violence. The Bridge of the Golden Horn by Emine Sevgi Özdamar, Why We Took the Car (‘Tschick’) by Wolfgang Herrndorf. From Vea Kaiser’s Oompah Pop, translated by Edna McCown. Berlin's Mitte district is hip and expensive — unlike the early 1930s, when it was all about survival. This is no accident: along with a dramatic prologue depicting the prehistoric creation of the lake, the point about nature’s persistence and indifference in the face of human events is clear. Alexander Hartung has been published non-stop, at least one book a year, since his debut in 2014, but so far only two of them have been translated into English, both from the detective Jan Tommen series set in Berlin. Germany, land of Dichter und Denker (poets and thinkers), has produced some of the world’s finest literature, though its literary scene didn’t really get going until the 18th century with heavyweight figures such as Goethe and Schiller. IIn Katja Petrowskaja's collection of stories, "Maybe Esther," the protagonist is on a mission to uncover the past. A Holocaust survivor wrote a satire about the Nazi regime and its victims. This prize-winning novel combines diverse moods, storylines and narrative genres: a German-Bulgarian funeral grotesque, a road novel, and a blackly humorous family drama centered around unfulfilled fatherly love. "Raw Material" by Jörg Fauser is about the compulsion to write. Back in 2006, his worldwide hit "Measuring the World" made Kehlmann one of the best-selling authors on the German market. Ernst Lothar was an Austrian Jew who fled to the US. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. A definitely "Insane" way to fame! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. | Mobile version. Almost all of the people they meet are decent and kind, if sometimes a little quirky – the message is that you don’t have to travel far to have the adventure of a lifetime. The boys are chalk and cheese: Maik Klingenberg, offspring of a heavy-drinking mother and philandering father who takes off with his mistress, and Andrej Tschichatschow, AKA Tschick, a surly Russian immigrant who comes to school smelling of vodka and doesn’t balk at a bit of petty crime. A sepia-toned snapshot of West Berlin, the book mostly centres around Kreuzberg, a hub for Turkish immigrants, and features local landmarks, such as the bombed-out Anhalter Bahnhof and the Hebbel Theatre, both of which are still standing. But who would be crazy enough to jump over it — and into East Germany? The 60 Best Sci-Fi Books Fans Must Read Sci-Fi Origins (Best Sci-Fi Books of all Time) Where did it all begin? "Midsummer Night" by Uwe Timm. A strange man is found, hanging half dead at a playground. No. And then you have your baby in your arms. Check out Esther Kinsky's debut "Summer Resort." Send stumble How would it be to find out that you are a different person than you thought? Making sure to zoom out far enough to show the influence of globalisation, and implicating policemen and politicians along the way, the story tells how the sex trade went from a forbidden entity in East Germany to a legal and sprawling operation under capitalism. Cornelia Funke. Feelings? It was turned into a film in 1979 by director Volker Schlöndorff, which won the Palme d’Or in Cannes and an Oscar for best foreign language film. That your parents are not your parents? Then when I was 8 I discovered Agatha Christie’s novels, and read every one of those, too. Discover the best German Literature in Best Sellers. Impossible? Manfred flees west, Rita stays in the east in Christa Wolf's "They Divided the Sky.". One of Germany’s most talked about contemporary talents, Erpenbeck’s Visitation (Heimsuchung) reconstructs 100 years of German history through events in a lakeside house in Brandenburg. It hurts when your fiancé won't acknowledge you. Perhaps you're the last person on earth? An Eastern European woman in high heels with a strong accent and too much make-up – here comes Masha. But it comes at a high price: "The Method" by Juli Zeh. The ten novels on this list all substantiate the belief that books are the most elastic, introspective, human, and entertaining form of media that exist. The critics named 156 novels in all, and based on the votes these are the … Earning international acclaim, each one is essential reading. This article is within the scope of WikiProject Novels, an attempt to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to novels, novellas, novelettes and short stories on Wikipedia. Germany. Five hot tips. 14. "The Mussel Feast" by Birgit Vanderbeke. When someone knows all about fine wines that's sexy. What to do if your first great love leaves you for another? Curtain up for Oskar Matzerath, Günter Grass and "The Tin Drum" ! 02.05.2017. In "Woodcutters," by Thomas Bernhard, it's clear you're not alone. Hotel bars are a good place to hang out when you are feeling as empty as the whisky glass in front of you. See no evil, hear no evil? Written in 1983, his first novel takes the reader on a literary horror trip. "Jakob The Liar" by Jurek Becker deals with this question. "Homo Faber" by Max Frisch is about a serious commitment-phobe. As elsewhere, until the postwar era most high-profile books are by white males, but the proportion of female and BAME voices has increased since reunification, and is reflected in my more recent choices. Joseph K. is detained on his 30th birthday. Aging biology teacher Mrs. Lohmark can't relate to that. But which books from the wealth of new publications are really the ones to read? The end of World War II heralded a new nightmare for many women, as "A Woman in Berlin" by Anonymous reveals. Science fiction and fantasy novels provide us with allegory, cautionary tales, and the human condition told through the lens of the fantastical and the cutting-edge.

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