But too afraid to look up exactly how much. After reading the forums I felt uncomfortable because I realized that I felt forced to buy the value pack. Greetings Adventurers, We’re excited to announce the introduction of the Value Package with the upcoming patch on July 20th, this tidy little pack contains a bundle of helpful goodies to assist you on your adventures through Black Desert Online. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I Soci in Italia 65 soci, vostri interlocutori privilegiati: clicca qui per conoscerli “Alla luce dei recenti sviluppi, BDO ha notevolmente rafforzato la propria presenza sul mercato italiano, attualmente tra i più rappresentativi in Europa, accrescendo ulteriormente la qualità del servizio offerto al cliente con l’arrivo di professionisti d’eccellenza e di nuovi clienti prestigiosi. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you take out the weapon and weapon/armour skins from each, which aren't important to me, then the gap narrows more. If i had the means right now (which i don't due to being out of work on leave due to a car accident temporarily) i'd have spent WAAYYY more so its kind of a blessing i have not been able to. I should be playing to have fun. It@s by cultivating and blending the sheer variety of qualities they all bring to BDO, that we@re able to provide a uniquely tailored service to a huge range of clients.We always work together as a team to serve our clients. I just started with the Steam launch. Then I started reading the forums and looking around and most people were unhappy. Changed the size of the scroll bar in the Central Market. Come professionista BDO, lavorerai in un ambiente imprenditoriale veloce, e avrai l’opportunità di contribuire alla rapida crescita di BDO. People and values As a knowledge-based organisation committed to the success of our clients, our people are our most precious asset. Not Theworst 23,678 views. Milano 1977842. BDO it gonna make your CC/Paypal to cry, trust me.I spent $750 in my 90h of gametime (Lv35 atm), and still have low level items. Someone should do like a strawpoll or something. Our Core Purpose, Helping you succeed, is the foundation of why we do what we do as a firm and our Values define how we should behave towards one another. All kinds of new stuff from value pack/server account settings, better tracking of procs/rates, byproducts, to ease of life things like item/node info popups. :). But $500 isn't that much to me, I have a decent income. Time to take a break and focus on my health.Thanks for the fun Black Desert. ... Black Desert Online Is the "Value Pack" Worth It? Black Desert Online Marketplace After-tax Calculator To calculate how much you will get after tax if the item sells with no-pre order enter 0 in the pre-order box (second box) Done. When using a Value Pack, the Value Pack icon description will now be properly displayed at the bottom left of the Central Market. I've played since launch and gotten so much enjoyment from the game though, but i wish i didnt spent 30$ everytime i created a new character ( then adding weightlimit after). If you take out the $25 / 2500 Pearls they become much closer in value. If you feel like me and compelled to buy the value pack maybe you should take a break. P2W were the big words. It' states that one of the perks of a valuepack is a 30% bonus to marketplace sales.Default there is a -30% penalty to marketplace cuts, from what I was told? Eminent’s BDO Trading Guide. BDO annuncia i risultati finanziari 2020: +7,8% a livello globale Ricavi in crescita: 10,3 miliardi di dollari, +3,3% nell’organico, in linea con +12% in Italia BDO Italia S.p.A. - Sede Legale: Viale Abruzzi n. 94, 20131 Milano - Capitale Sociale Euro 1.000.000 - Codice Fiscale, Partita IVA e Registro Imprese di Milano n° 07722780967 - R.E.A. You can buy a Value Pack through Pearls, Loyalties, or win one from an event. Just a quick question to most. The secret of our success is our people. WHY ARE OUR VALUES IMPORTANT? I'm happy to just roam around doing some quests and hang out with friends for this one. The Explorer package seems like the best deal to me. I don't see a point in holding onto the packs when I could just sell them off. Additionally, you will get a free Value Pack when you buy the game: 1500 Pearls: Value Pack (30 days) 1400 Loyalties: Value Pack (1 day) The cash shop only made the consequences of time and money more real. I used to think like that. You just scrolled trough this? Black Desert Online is a fantastic MMO world that players can lose hours upon hours in, thanks to its many in-depth progression systems that reward you for simply doing the things you like to do in-game. Almost felt like a life simulator with the different things you could do. Table of Contents1 Introduction2 Starter Package3 Traveler Package4 Explorers Package5 Conqueror’s Package6 The Take Away Point Introduction Today I’m going to be explaining the different types of packages that you can purchase for this game to try and help you to understand what they do, and which one is going to be the best for […] Should I just hold onto them? Also i probably spent more than 500 hours of in game time. More bonuses? Where and how to I get this? Get BDO Hedgehog via Amerigo’s Welcome Package. It shouldn't be "wasting time" if I choose to play without the value pack. Then today the value pack came out and I was excited. The Value Pack ep 62 - SnakeButWithHP / BDO Hatred / Skill vs Gear In PvP - Duration: 2:26:07. Being used to the 30% tax reduction on the marketplace I'm finding it quite difficult to sell anything too valuable considering how much I … Boom. BDO it’s top P2W game,without doubt. Do you all have Value Pack's active 24/7? I always use the philosophy $1 per hour. I can spend the money easy, it's only $15. This is normally priced at 4400 Pearls ($44). If anyone's read this long I'm not bashing the game or saying you should quit too, but at the end of the day you have to remember that it's a game to enjoy as a hobby. But when you get more money that perspective changes. Black Desert Mobile | r/BlackDesertMobile, Press J to jump to the feed. After I learned that you can do things while afk I made sure that I spent every hour of real life I could afk so I don't "waste time". 30 day value packs are priced so that you have to top up with 20 euros to get one, my storage at my maintown went full all my workers stopped working, my inventory is now full and it was already limited! Just how much are you all spending on this game? Thanks for listening! Then I started reading the forums and looking around and most people were unhappy. And since value packs are 15 dollars worth of pearls, guess you get an "extra" 5 dollars left over worth of pearls. That said, I'm feeling really good having cut down on my drinking! 2:26:07. At least 300 active hours. So I'm gonna quit the game today. Using loyalties for the 1 day pack (useful if you just want for the big item sales); or. Crafting is not worth it unless your material cost is lower than the market sale. New calculator layout may take a bit to get used to, email me or message me on discord Daenon#2747 if you have any questions. More bonuses? I know many people who have spent $400+ on pets alone. They allow us to be genuine and fair in our judgments, to build deeper relationships with our clients, and to maintain an inclusive, flexible work environment. I'm veery curious now how much people spend on this game on average. I've been playing since April and have only spent $30 on the Traveler's Package. This game makes it very easy to spend more. Leave a comment whether you think Snake or Blackrose is stronger! "Holy shit these people spend too much for a video game". ... Every hour of container trading will save you 15m worth in trash crates. Our Values are the cultural glue of our firm, they are a core element of our Strategic Framework. Value Pack buffs do not stack with each other, but duration does. After reading the forums I felt uncomfortable because I realized that I felt forced to buy the value pack. Is BDO Worth Playing? P2W were the big words. So I join it to play with them and I have spent well over $200. Rezlar 4,602 views. < > Showing 1-15 of 20 comments . This is been very enlightening and I'm kinda shocked at just how fast everyone responded. At the end of those 30 days, just get another value pack. "If I don't buy this I'll be wasting time". In BDO poniamo molta attenzione alla crescita dei neolaureati e laureandi che vorranno raggiungerci per iniziare un percorso intenso fatto di apprendimento veloce e sistemico. level 2. I invested all the time I could playing it because it was amazing and got all the energy/cp I could. Sometimes there are sales and coupons. No one is paying attention to this bit? Hedgehogs can be purchased by buying an Amerigo’s Welcome Package in the Pearl Shop. Probably 600ish USD. If I do buy in I will probably do the Explorer pack. But I mean I've spent that many hours on this game that it's kind of worth it. I have two 30 days value packs and a 7 day (unsellable) and I'd rather get like 7-8 mil silver than the benefits. Either you gonna spent like $2000+ at Lv62, or say goodbye to best gear. It just seems like the best bang for the buck. Black Desert Online [BDO] Tshira Ruins Guide - Silver Breakdown (20 Hours) - Duration: 17:15. Yeah, amusingly I previously played games like WoW since vanilla and other sub based MMOs and my friends who played BDO on korean were all "Oh BDO is so great, no subs bleh bleh bleh." From my personal experience, a lot. If this is correct, why the ♥♥♥♥ did I just sell an Ogre Ring for 95M, only to get 61.4M back?! I read all the strategies, buy all the cash shop items to make sure I'm not "wasting time" so I can catch up. And all i bought is just more inventory,few crystals and a mount/pet. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Come two months later now I'm grinding to get competitive. I've personally spent nowhere close to that, but I've spent way more than I have on any other game I've played recently. No one is paying attention to this bit? It just changes the game too much. The game turned from exploring a great world to a grind to maximize efficiency. Is BDO worth it have 15 bucks, dont know if its a worthy rpg compared to guild wars 2 or SWTOR < > Showing 1-15 of 31 comments . I think the game publisher is making bank off of this game's playerbase, but that's just my speculation. The 30 day pack is quite useful for new players as it allows more room for items to sell,additional weight and can be helpful for other reasons for new players would be if you arent satisfied with how your character looks you can edit your appearance. If you’re a buyer who’s a bit hesitant about buying an account because of its price, you can just use our account value calculator to gauge whether or not it’s worth the seller’s asking price. If so, how? You can very easilly earn that in a day through production/fishing/mob farming.) I can spend the money easy, it's only $15. I've been playing the game for around 2 months now and I got really into it. Or is the silver worth it? Jun 8, 2017 @ 9:57am Personally it is, i like these kind of games but alwasy get tired of the combat mechanics, i find that BDO feels more interactive with everything. Amerigo’s Welcome Package contains: Value Pack (30 Days) Inventory Expansion Coupon +16 I've spent $500+ on the game and I feel comfortable leaving because I know that a game should be there to give me peace, not stress me out trying to maximize efficiency, that's for my real job. I've probably spent around $400 so far. BDO’s Core Values define how we work together in order to serve this purpose. You just scrolled trough this? i just added all my purchases together, 790$. But anyways yeah these friends have spent upwards to $500-$1k+ and a lot of it was smashing pets together, buying multiple toons carry weight + costumes..buying tears to not lose XP upon death before pvp nerf and in general to bosses..I just find it amusing how everyone talks about how BDO has no monthly sub and therefore is holier than other MMOs but I probably have not spent as much money on WoW or other MMOs in years of subs where my friends have spent more than what I did in years on this game in a mere few months.. don't be surprise check out clash royale high trophies(ranking) players are spending $50k+ on a mobile game, I won't be surprise there are people out their spending tons on this game, 200$ for me. My trade/worker empire isn't...well...very vast right now. :P, I spent a bit in GW2 (because Fashion Wars!) Yeah total? The game truly was amazing and fun to play. i seriously had no idea how it got so much... think i might need to stop adding pearls from here on. Update: Thank you guys! Seriously, a 33.6 MILLION taxation? Ficelle. Set Price of an item in the Central Market will now be calculated properly according to the Enhancement level on the item. While for buyers, the value calculator offers transparency in terms of checking the offers of the sellers. Value Pack (1 Day) Loyalties Cost: 1,400 Loyalties (14 days) The Loyalties cost of a Value Pack is high, considering it only lasts one day. I've been playing the game for around 2 months now. Why should I feel like that when I'm playing an MMO for a hobby? Personale con esperienza. (They cost 9 million silver. You can only buy one per account. Took me a while but hopefully you guys like it. I was so obsessed with the game that it felt that way. I did not realize that the game cost me so much but counting the hours of fun / dollar = cheap! And I got obsessed. Gonna be a bit of a long post, but maybe someone will read this. We're just not surprised. Hello! When I was in high school I used to wonder the same thing. BDO è tra le principali organizzazioni internazionali di revisione e di consulenza aziendale in Italia e nel mondo. Black Desert for Consoles | r/PlayBlackDesert 7-8 mil is easy to achieve not easy as in you can make it within 10 mins but attainable in a hour or 2 depending. Together they establish a set of standards embodied by our work, our relationships, and our professionals. This community is so nice ;-; Are value packs worth it for new players. When material cost is zero, you will make 30% extra profit with value pack. With value pack, your income is calculated by the equation: NetIncome = MarketSale * 1.3 – MaterialCost. fellow BDO players, so the time limit on my last Value Pack ran out and ever since I've been trying to snipe VPs off the marketplace, but so far without any success. I haven't spent anything, but I imagine I'd be in the small minority. Black Desert Online has added 30 day Value Packs to the game, similar to Premium Membership seen in other games. This means in practice, a valuepack would mean +/- 0, eliminating the taxes. Siamo presenti in oltre 167 paesi con circa 88.000 professionisti altamente qualificati.In Italia siamo oltre 900 professionisti di cui 65 partner e operiamo in più di 18 uffici, una struttura integrata e capillare che garantisce la copertura del territorio nazionale. Still kinda new to the game but found out you can increase your strength and the amount you carry by wearing a trading pack or something like that. for myself and friends but there isn't anything in this game that screams buy me for my personal playstyle. I'm easily at 1k+ euros. Chupa. You're now upset that it took you a week and a half to snipe both a costume and a value pack off the market, but you didn't spend a dime on useless cosmetics. But, it might be worth it to you, since it doesn’t cost Silver, and you can wait to collect Marketplace Silver until after everything has sold. So with that. Patch Notes 4-24-19. Even after spending all that money I still think this new p2w subscription is bs even though I don't care about paying for it or not. But personally I don't find this game fun without one, the advantage of having the slots and MP bonus is … If you don't care about PvP (like I do), don't buy the extras, the value pack is the only truly required thing and maybe a pet if don't want to wait for the free ones. :), You can do that easy on outfits,pets,and mounts that all adds up, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the blackdesertonline community, The subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss. You can "track" how much you spent from their main site. Rookie rewards, ... Buy marketplace maid Snipe value packs all day If you can bid on every vp that comes up on mp you will get some, it works for me you need to spend money the first time though, but it's well worth imo. Then today the value pack came out and I was excited. I'm a free to play player and don't enjoy spending too much money on games (which I know is silly on BDO). We are always looking for people who creatively solve problems, thrive on challenges and make the difference for our clients. tl;dr Too obsessed with the game. On top of the game, I'm up to USD$160 spent on the game.

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