Output Arcade v1.6.1.4076 MacOS | Patched | READ NFO | 728 MB


A new kind of synthesizer
Arcade is a sample playground with new content delivered every day and tools to transform it all so it sounds like you. It even works with your own loops.

The line up
Fully loaded with 40+ product lines. New content delivered every single day.

Is this real? It sure is!
The wait is finally over!
Our release works completely offline so it won’t contact any servers
We have included the pre-installed kits that come with the official installer to start you off.
To view your currently installed kits you must go to the search menu that’s the only way to when you’re offline
If you’d like more kits download our “Output Arcade Library Content” and import it using our “TEAM FLARE Output Arcade Utility Tool v1.0” make sure to read the tool’s NFO and info on how to use it!

Homepage https://output.com/products/arcade

  1. Lacutiss

    Standalone doesn’t work “The application “Arcade” can’t be opened.” Doesn’t work in Logic. Also, where does the Arcade.aaxplugin get copied to?

  2. Katy

    Great work, many thanks! Please, where is ‘our “Output Arcade Library Content”’ and also the “TEAM FLARE Output Arcade Utility Tool v1.0”
    Lacutiss – .axx is for ProTools I think. the .vst works

  3. Vlad

    Standalone work, but need registration and subscription(((

  4. Frank

    It doesn’t work in Logic and flare-arcade-1.0.0 won’t open on Mac 🙁

  5. user

    “flare-arcade-1.0.0 won’t open on Mac”
    It does work, you need to do the sudo in Terminal to make it work

  6. Viet

    I put together a simpler way to install the flare arcade crack
    you will need to replace 3 folders and the settings files in order for it to work here are the two links you will need.

    Heres more clear directions

    You run the installers of arcade then replace the content and cashe and assets folder from the first link and the settings files from the 2nd link default dictionary for windows is C:\ProgramData\Output\Arcade is where you would need to go for mac the default dictionary is /Library/Application Support/Output/ARCADE

    i forgot to tell you will get a white window when loading arcade after replacing the folders rerun the arcade setup and that will fix it then replace the settings files fix for the gofile source



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