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Corel Painter 2021 (incl. Corel Premium Brush Packs) v21.0.0.211 | mcOS | 2.9 GB


Corel Painter lets you advance your digital art style with painted textures, subtle glazing brushwork, interactive gradients, and realistic Natural-Media. Easily transition from traditional to digital art with thick oils, dripping watercolors and many other texture-filled strokes. Explore workflow layouts like illustration, fine art, concept, manga and photo art with specialized tools for each style.

  • The Most Natural Transition From Traditional to Digital Art – Immerse yourself in painting software that offers the largest selection of Natural-Media® brushes and canvas textures on the market. Craft your art with stunning reality using an array of authentic dry and wet media. When combined with a pressure sensitive drawing solution, you will forget you are painting on a computer.
  • 21ST Century Media You Won’t Find Anywhere Else – Create out-of-this-world art with Image Hoses that spray the object of your imagination. Liquid Ink that piles up and can be carved into. Particles that spring, flow and glow, and hyper-digital Pattern Pens that defy traditional art boundaries yet were brought to life by real artists.
  • Incomparable Composition Tools – Paint in perfect symmetry with Mirror and Kaleidoscope tools. Set a flawless scene with 1, 2 and 3-point Perspective Guides and craft the perfect composition using the Divine Proportion and Layout Grid tools built right into this stunning digital art software.
  • Your Workflow, Your Way – From custom brushes to custom palettes, Painter lets you import content from others, create your own, or select from built-in artist layouts to suit your workflow needs. Painter provides a personal experience that plays well with Photoshop and runs on Mac and Windows so that you can perfect your artwork in the way you’re used to working.

-Brush Accelerator™
-Interface advancements
-Improved Brush Selector
-Color Harmonies
-GPU enhanced brushing

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later 64-bit

  1. Sile

    I installed it on macOS BigSur but when I try to run it it gives me error that says Corel Painter quit unexpectedly. How can I run it?

  2. west

    no crack, no serial,no instructions.
    You only get 1 chance for the serial. if you select demo, you wont get the option again to input a serial.
    Installing this demo only results in Mojave crashing the app as it launches.


  3. Really appreciate the effort providing this. Sadly, it just won’t launch, like the previous versions I’ve tried.
    I’ve stripped out all the prefs and the usual suspects in Application Support. Be interesting to know if it works for others?

  4. Sile

    Shame I’ve been waiting for this for a long time since Corel didn’t update Painter on BigSur systems. I hope in a close future we can get the working version of it.

  5. west

    I did -finally get this working on wo macs.
    On mac one, this version crashes at app launch.
    I tried the demo on top of that. Im not sure what happened, somehow it just worked.
    On mac 2 nothing worked, i spent hours. I tracked down the good installed files from mac one and copied them to mac 2 after trying the version here. didnt work, my demo expired on day one and i noticed it connected online even with corel blocked in the host.
    i noticed on mac one that it said offline in painter 2021 from the start. I then assumed the internet was an issue.
    after trying this version on mac 2 and failing again i installed the demo and disconnected. i also blocked painter 2021 in little snitch.
    At that point just copied the good mac 1 application folder to mac 2.
    I verified painter app was blocked in little snitch.
    Launch, it STILL asked me to allow painter online > NO > and painter launches fine in offline mode.

    I cant say for sure what happened, I was busy and stoned. . I did get malware gatekeeper 2 or 3 times, i think with this version in clean my mac.
    If all else fails they have a 30 day guarantee.
    maybe you can get the license to work after a return or use the “good” app folder from that to replace the demo or the k’d > demo > good app folder.
    Its the best version so far. not 450$ good but good.

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