The Sims 2 Super Collection 1.2.4

The Sims 2: Super Collection 1.2.4 | 8.59 GB



Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Serial

OS version: 10.12.6 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:

This is a re-upload. The previous one was reported and deleted for bundling readme.txt inside DMG. If you have downloaded the previous one, there’s no need to re-download.

DRM not removed, serial (login) included.

Whats new:

The Sims 2: Super Collection is now a 64-bit App!

Tested on macOS 10.15.7.

The Sims 2 is a 2004 strategic life simulation video game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to The Sims.

The game has the same concept as its predecessor: players control their Sims in various activities and form relationships in a manner similar to real life. The Sims 2, like its predecessor, does not have a defined final goal; gameplay is open-ended. Sims have life goals, wants and fears, the fulfillment of which can produce both positive or negative outcomes. All Sims age, and can live to 90 sim days depending on the degree to which their aspirations are fulfilled. The Sims 2 builds on its predecessor by allowing Sims to age through six stages of life and incorporating a 3D graphics engine. Although gameplay is not linear, storylines exist in the game’s pre-built neighborhoods. Pleasantview is based 25 years after the town in the original The Sims. Strangetown’s storyline is based on the supernatural, and is loosely connected with Pleasantview. Veronaville’s characters are based on Shakespearean characters.

The Sims 2 was released on September 14, 2004 for Microsoft Windows. A port to Mac OS X was released on June 17, 2005. Eight expansion packs and nine stuff packs were subsequently released. In addition several console versions have been released. The Sims 2 is offered on mobile platforms, with manufacturers such as Nokia offering The Sims 2 from the Ovi Store. A sequel, The Sims 3, was released in June 2009.

The Sims 2 was a commercial success, selling one million copies in its first ten days, a record at the time. During April 2008, The Sims 2 website announced that 100 million copies of The Sims series had been sold. The Sims 2 was well received by critics, gaining a 90% score from aggregators Metacritic and GameRankings. By March 2012, The Sims 2 had sold over six million PC copies, and 13 million over all platforms, making it one of the best-selling PC games of all-time.

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  1. John

    Doesn’t work. Says ID is compromised and asks to confirm identity through email or security questions.

  2. clem

    Hi !

    My mac ask me to verify the apple account when I launch The sims 2, even after putting password.
    They ask me a security question. The security question is the birthdate. Can you tell it ?

    Thanks a lot !

  3. clem

    The Icloud ID is stuck.
    Can you change the password and tell it as well as the birthdate in order to run app because mac ask for ID+password+ Birthday date verification


  4. Alicia

    I’m having the same problem as others with the iCloud ID, please fix it somehow bc now I just have a huge file sitting on my mac that I can’t use 🙁

  5. Aaron

    This torrent is a waste of time, unless the package is patched! It’s impossible to play this with the ID. If too many people try accessing the ID. Apple will automatically lock the ID by default… putting the birth date might help, but of course it could be changed by anyone 🙁

  6. Vitoria

    Is the ID working now?

  7. Me

    Its still requiring a verification, is there a patch or some work around?

  8. Anon

    Does not work. Don’t bother.

  9. Ten

    Does not work

  10. riu

    Does not work

  11. Maria Jose

    please update the login password or upload a patch for the game, because the current password is blocked 🙁

  12. D

    Is this ever going to be fixed orrr?

  13. Ann

    Is this a joke or something? We don’t have your Apple ID, please be serious. Fix the .dmg

  14. Farm

    Apple ID was blocked!!!!!!!

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