Waves 10 Complete



Waves Complete 2020.05.12 MacOSX Patched and Keygen Only-RET | May 22 2020 | 1.7 MB


We are pleased to announce a new version of Waves plugins, Waves V11. Update to V11 to future-proof your sessions, ensure compatibility with the latest DAWs and operating systems (including MacOS 10.15 Catalina), enjoy plugin updates including new versions of the Renaissance plugins, get new plugins added to premium bundles, and more.

There are no working release after HEXWARES. Fill the hole.
You don’t need to download bogus P2P Waves uploads anymore.
Thanks R2R for refactoring and updating KeyGen for this Mac release!

Big thanks to TEAM R2R for their huge knowledge bases and resources!

home page: https://www.waves.com/

  1. PAstud

    Failed to set access permissions for

    on Catalina Installation Fails

  2. Silvio

    Oh, great patch!

    But, the another solution is disable Gatekeeper (sudo spctl –master-disable) before open your DAW. The error of “Waves Licensing Engine” disappear and all plugins will work well.

    Don’t forget of enable Gatekeeper after (sudo spctl –master-enable)


  3. Sorin

    Is this release work with old Waves installation from other release with added license and patched bundle ? If I must perform a clean installation ? Because I have a error form Waves licensing Engine (no license), wle file change file type to …wle.old.

  4. T BDrum

    I have Waves 11 installed what do you do with this?

  5. mlgfx

    I installed Ovox via Waves Central and generated a license file and replaced it with the old one but it doesn’t work. Any help?

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