Pimp Your Screen


Pimp Your Screen 2.1 Retail | Mac Os X | 44.8 MB


Pimp Your Screen 2.1 is here to customize the look of your desktop by giving you an exclusive selection of specially designed background images and wallpapers arranged in categories. Choose from a variety of minimalistic images, abstract backgrounds and truly unique wallpapers that will bring even more beauty to your Mac.





  1. Noone

    I thought this was a joke… FFS!!! The app is something like 50Mb and was multipart zipped inside a multipart rar file which was again multipart zipped.

    Uploader hasn’t got a clue! Furthermore this was all done on a WIndows machine,,,, Not at all mac friendly!

  2. Noone

    Doesn’t work either! App launches but cannot connect to servers! I suspect that the problem here is that this torrent is pretty old… This app stoppred working around 2 or 3 years ago – same reason!

    Avoid it!

  3. Jay

    Hi! all
    is there any site that we can downlaod Cracked Mac apps which are not torrent? For here cant use Torrent software. Thank you all..

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