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Little Snitch

Little Snitch 4.4.3 Multilingual macOS | 39 MB


Little Snitch 4.4.3 A powerful and versatile application that enables you to monitor the network traffic and intercept unwanted connection attempts.


Track background activity As soon as your computer connects to the Internet, applications often have permission to send any information wherever they need to. Little Snitch takes note of this activity and allows you to decide for yourself what happens with this data.

Control your network Choose to allow or deny connections, or define a rule how to handle similar, future connection attempts. Little Snitch runs inconspicuously in the background and it can even detect network-related activity of viruses, trojans, and other malware.

Filter connections and monitor your network traffic with ease The Little Snitch Network Monitor utility features a well-designed interface and provide easy-to-read animated and informative diagrams created based on real time traffic information. Hence, you can analyze bandwidth, connectivity status, traffic totals, detailed traffic history for the past hour and more. You can filter the displayed data based on the process name or server port and group them according to your needs. Little Snitch helps you view traffic peaks, check the average bandwidth and save snapshots for further analysis.

Enable the Silent Mode for a distraction free working environment The network traffic can be easily captured in the PCAP format while the network activity is displayed along various system events in order to provide a context. There is also a Silent Mode that allows you to get on with your work without being interrupted by any network related notifications. However, you can review the Silent Mode Log to create rules for connection attempts that took place during this period. On top of that, you can group your rules in different profiles and enable them only when a particular profile is active. Thanks to Little Snitch’s status bar menu, you can choose the desired profile with just a few mouse clicks.

Enjoy the versatility of the Automatic Profile Switching function At the same time, you can take advantage of the Automatic Profile Switching feature and associate different networks with certain profiles. Once the network is detected, the associate profile is automatically enabled. For example, you can use a set of filters when you are at home and more restrictive ruleset when you access the web from an Internet Cafe. What is more, Little Snitch features a flexible temporary rule system that offers a number of options for rules that are effective only for a limited period of time. Furthermore, Little Snitch automatically analyzes your ruleset and indicates the presence of overlapping, redundant or invalid rules that you might want to delete.

Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.10 or later


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  1. Logan

    damn finally, good job, i already bought a license last year but i hope it works for yall

  2. Hansolo

    Whaaouuu !! The Return !! 🙂 Many Thanks !!

  3. ross


  4. subidif

    Question: Does the supplied SN work longer than 3 hours?

  5. Alex

    I just bought a license las month … after almost 3 years of waiting hahahaha,… d*mn it !!!

  6. Keith

    The Number worked, passed 3 Hours for me so far….

  7. John

    all of you, go try out Vallum: Vallum beats Little Snitch and Hands off in many ways, ease of use, ease of install and activation etc. for a fraction of their cost… US$ 15 for a single license, US$ 20 for the family pack. It a great little tool. Little Snitch is gone!

  8. CV

    Thank you!

  9. That'sJustMyOpinionICouldBeWrong

    Logan & alex, WTF do y’all mean you got tired of waiting?
    I’ve been using LS for more than a decade without a license – currently 4.0.3.

    I’ve only encountered a few versions that expired in hours because they weren’t properly k’d.

    Vallum sucks IMO – too damn difficult to use!
    I’ve spent YEARS creating rules in LS, and I’m not about to start from scratch in another app.

    And Hands Off! is too simplistic for me.

    To each their own!

  10. Leo

    Me too. I’ve been using 4.0.3 from TNT for a very long time. Never had an issue. I’ll download this one after people report this current version won’t stop working after a few days.

  11. pn0

    Well… Vallum and Murus firewalls are excellent for tech people, so you just need to RTFM a little bit to catch some basics. As well as old good IceFloor and WaterRoof apps. Few years ago I’ve got a family license of Little Snitch for me, my wife and one of our kids, but after OBdev decided to get more money from us for upgrading to LS 4.x, so we just moved to Hands Off. Also, yeah, Lulu is a nice little solution, other apps by the Lulu author are also amazing, using some of them. Also there is a nice little tool Radio Silence.

  12. Alex

    never knew how to use 4.0.3 on Catalina … 🙁 , after all I used LS for 3 years before … they deserve my money hahaha

  13. That'sJustMyOpinionICouldBeWrong

    I wasn’t familiar with Lulu, but I see it’s from objective-see, and I’ve used some of his other apps.
    I’ve been using RansomWhere for more than a year. He keeps creating new apps all the time. Just checked the site and found some more new ones. I’ve also tried BlockBlock, KnockKnock and TaskExplorer.

    I forgot about Radio Silence, but I have v2.3 in my software folder. That’s the latest version on MacUpdate, but it hasn’t been updated since Oct. 2017.

    Logan & Alex, do you mean you got tired of waiting for a cracked version of 4.4.3? I didn’t know that version had come out last year – when I saw it here the other day I assumed it had just been released. Now what you said makes sense since it looks like it took 5 months for the k’d version to show up.

  14. Orez

    I won’t use LS or HO anymore after switching to LuLu. LuLu is great and free.
    LS is greedy. HO got slow version update on supporting catalina.
    LuLu works like a charm on catalina from 10.15.0 to 10.15.3(the newest). It won’t let me down after installing system update upon the time of release.

  15. John

    thanks for all the input ! It’s amazing with these alternative apps ranging from free to about 15 bucks, equally amazing how the Little Snitch and Hands Off developers keep charging around 50 bucks for their products, perhaps they should change with times… Spread the word around

  16. Leo

    So can someone update us on this current version? Is it still working?

  17. alex

    been using it for few days now,, works great!!! thank you.

  18. me

    Works great!!!! But DO NOT upgrade to the next version from this site (MT). It is not cracked, and will fail after a few hours.
    This version is completely stable. No need to upgrade.
    FINALLY!!!! Good work!

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