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CodeSigner 0.9.3 beta 4 | 4.1 MB


Apple removed TNT’s certificate, so the app will crash after July 12th. The current solution is to sign it yourself.

Run in Terminal

codesign --force --deep --sign - /Applications/

Requisite: Xcode or the Apple Command Line Tools
To install, execute

xcode-select --install

in the terminal emulator of your choice, and the macOS GUI will give you the option to install Xcode (from the Mac App Store) or the CLTs. If you install Xcode, launch it at least once to complete the installation and agree to the license.

Alternatively, you can use CodeSigner to sign some apps.

Installation instructions:

  • downloaded CodeSigner, then mount the DMG volume
  • Copy from the mounted DMG volume into one of your applications paths; recommended: ~/Applications/Utilities/
  • If you are using macOS Finder or a similar application with Services support as your main file manager, double-click the CodeSigner workflow: a window titled Quick Action Installer will appear asking you if you want to install it; click Install. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the Quick Action in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services > Files and Folders > CodeSigner
  • If you also want the ability to manually run CodeSigner in a terminal emulator—example:
  • codesigner /Applications/Parallels\
  • —copy the codesigner shell script into your $PATH, e.g. /usr/local/bin/
  • On Mojave please allow CodeSigner to control System Events; this is necessary for GUI prompts to work via AppleScript

What’s New

Version 0.9.3 beta 4:

  • CodeSigner will now grab an application’s or file’s icon for the notifications
  • Bug fix: account for terminal-notifier display error in case of filenames with leading double-quotes (thanks to roryokane)
  • If codesigner doesn’t execute as a Platypus app, it will search for terminal-notifier only in the default macOS Applications paths, and in installation directories for Homebrew, MacPorts and Fink (thanks to roryokane)


OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor


  1. AX

    For apps like 1Password & CleanMyMac simple codesigning will not work

    • AX

      I mean in general codesigning “Simple and Deep” not referring to the CodeSigner app options

    • MaxKLiM

      Perfect work. rename app without space CleanMyMacX
      codesign –force –deep –sign – /Applications/

      after you can rename app back with space CleanMyMac X.

      same for other apps

    • ricardo

      Please help me how I can install adobe cc 2019, thanks

      • Noneya

        You’re pirating software and bitching at Apple and Adobe?? Seriously? LMFAO!! I’ve been running the 2019 versions for months just fine and also running the latest BETA of Mojave and Catalina both and the 2019 Adobe stuff STILL works, you’re doing it wrong but to bitch at the companies because you are pirating their apps is nonsense, chill out lil man.

  2. AX

    I was able to make 1Password work again by codesigning “1Password” first then

    but browser extensions will not work at all 🙁

    • sandfranz

      good on ya mate. big THX

    • Alex

      It works, you rock!

      Thank you.

  3. Fred

    AX you’re quite right, this doesn’t work on all apps, WiFi Explorer Pro being another. Does anyone know a solution for those that can’t be fixed with this method?

  4. V

    Can’t manage with CleanMyMac. Please help

  5. ahmet sarkis

    Thanks all everyone…

  6. HTdude

    Does anyone know if turning off or blocking internet helps?

  7. xv

    Thanks for this! I have a few questions though , does it mean previously installed apps will stop working unless I sign them using this application?

    Or is it just for anything I intend to install in the future. Any info will be much appreciated !

  8. Angel

    this version of CleanMyMac works 4.4.0 (FIXED)

  9. ric

    Funciona con adobe cc 2019?

    • Alex


      You must codesign Adobe Zii patcher, then uninstall and reinstall every Adobe app that has stopped from working, then patch them again with the codesigned Zii patcher.

      That’s all.

        • Alex

          Good one!

          Thank you.

      • ric

        I have a doubt…
        I want to install the new version of Final_Cut_Pro_10.4.6_MAS_ [TNT] and with the new changes that are in apple I wanted to know if I have to implement all the steps with the application codeigner 0.9.3.

        I was able to do a restoration of my computer to a previous period and even if I have previous versions of the adobe program, at least I do not have to do all the mess of installing the Xcode and Codesigner application, I had done it before with disastrous results. I had to go back to my Carbon Copy Cloner backup.

        So if I have to implement the Codesigner from now on in order to install applications I prefer to stay with an older version (at least until there is an easier way than there is now)

        Thank you all and I await your comments
        Ricardo, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

  10. John

    Doesn’t work on djay Pro 2.0.13

  11. Fissure

    NO WONDER!! I was so confused. Couldn’t understand why 1Password and Adguard stopped working all of a sudden.

  12. 9S

    It’s over guys, the end of days has come, no more freeloading, we gonna have to pay up now. 🙁

  13. Lucio

    Hey Guys Download 1Password v7.1.1 [TNT] this version work Without Codesigner.

  14. Alex

    I don’t know why you deleted my comment…

    What about Blocs 3.0?

  15. Use this way: copy the codesigner in Utility filder, run it and select the app that you needs to be patched, then in the dialog window select Deep and that is all!

    • Konstantin Cholev

      At the beginnings they says:
      Apple removed TNT’s certificate, so the app will crash after July 12th. The current solution is to sign it yourself.

      Run in Terminal

      codesign –force –deep –sign – /Applications/
      According to this we have to use Deep, that’s way I did like that, however no idea why. Developers knows more I am sure.
      Good that all works now for you!

  16. бог

    кто не понял как это работает для адоб:
    1. удаляете ВСЕ установленные программы от адоб
    2. устанавливаете заново с выключенным интернетом
    3. применяете cs сначала к zii
    4. пачите весь зановоустановленный софт zii
    5. применяете cs к каждой установленной программе адоб
    6. теперь запускаете программы и всё будет работать

    Нехуй кормить жидов пусть сосут хуй. адоб жидовская помойка скупающая годный софт у толковых создателей и нихуя не умеющая создавать что-то с нуля.

  17. V

    I can confirm CleanMyMac works 4.4.0 works

  18. the other John

    Doesn’t work with djay Pro 2.0.13 confirmed.
    CleanMyMac 4.4.1 doesn’t need to be re-signed

  19. macawesome88

    okay I installed xcode.. but could not find the “App?” to run it once like directions SAID!!??… went ahead after installing xcode to trying Codesigner was able to get All Affinity 1.7.1 working again and RightFont .. also what’s the difference between Simple & Deep? How do I know which to use.. need more details on this.. I used “Deep” since we don’t know… you might, but palease!

  20. pippo

    djay Pro 2.0.12 work

  21. Johnn

    Dear Masters of Mac Torrents: I am a average user and this is way to complicated for me!

  22. Holyonez


  23. DickJohnson

    Hey macawesome88, shut the fuck up man.. look in Codesigner’s forums and post for tech supp, not here. Anyway, great up, thanks.

  24. The other John

    For those technically impaired like me, just try to use the previous latest versions available here, DONE!
    Works for Adguard, iMazing, Djay, Cleanmymac (although very latest works well)..etc.

  25. Bear

    Works for alfred 4. thank you saved me because u use alfred every single day

  26. XERANO

    dJay Pro 2.0.13 NOT working Crashing instant

  27. James

    holy frack man.. I can’t figure this out. Way too technical for the average person. Oh well. Looks like end of days for most pirates.

  28. Greg

    Please seed

  29. Jurico

    For anyone in despair, 1 thing helped me to reanimate couple of apps is – when you have a nested app in your main app, e.g.:
    you just got unpacked your fresh version of, let’s say if you check in the .app’s folder tree, you’ll find some – it has to be signed seperately. in some weird way -r (or –recursive) stops when see an app inside another one. Just run the same way against the ‘helpers’.app and you’ll be fine. Well, at least it helped me. GL

  30. csrutil

    Anyways, it’s the end of the era. Make conclusions and decide which way are you going to flea from mac-iOS

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