If our torrents are being blocked in chrome:

  1. Load chrome://settings/in the browser.
  2. Select “Sync and google services”
  3. Turn safe browsing off


This will stop chrome from blocking our torrent downloads.


If our torrents are being blocked in firefox:

  1. Open Firefox web browser, type about:preferences in the address bar and press Enter.
  2. This will open Firefox preferences. Select Security section from the right side of the screen.
  3. Here you can un-select the options to Block dangerous downloads or Warn me about unwanted or uncommon software.


This will stop Firefox from blocking our torrent downloads.

  1. tertuliano

    Any recommendation for Firefox?

    • mactorrents

      Post Updated

  2. Joe

    Thank you

  3. Jon

    Thanks, that’s fixed the problem I’ve had for several days now.

  4. tony666

    Cannot find safe browsing off in chrome

    • Andrii

      check under Advanced

  5. gg

    Merci de l’info et merci pour tout

  6. Normand

    You do not need this application, just go the Firefox preferences, then to privacy and security and change the setting for downloads in security.

  7. Tony

    Hello, Andri. In Advanced settings there is nothing called safe browsing.

    Thank you.

    • Andrii


      plz, check the screenshot. My Chrome version is Version 70.0.3538.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  8. Tony

    Hello, updated Chrome and now works.


  9. Yes I noticed Firefox has gotten silly on torrent files…what I do is open the download window and RIGHT CLICK and choose the option to download anyway…works fine. This security shit is getting out of hand…especially with fucking Apple Computers…you can’t do shit with so many security blocks.

  10. green

    what i’d like to know, is, what is this site doing to trigger the malware protection?

    • andrey

      me too

  11. Visitor

    Safari: Preferences > Security > Warn when visiting a fraudulent website

  12. Rogerio Soares

    Thanks. Seen it just in time.

  13. Rogerio Soares

    I followed the instructions and it works. But I’d turn it back on soon after.

  14. Chrome Fix

    There’s a fix for Chrome that doesn’t involve disabling safe browsing on all sites… Just run the below command in Terminal (be sure to quit Chrome first):

    defaults write com.google.chrome SafeBrowsingWhitelistDomains -array-add “mac-torrents.com”

  15. Tarun Aggarwal


    Please help.
    All the apps that I am downloading are installed properly but none of them is opening.
    It says “Can’t open this app” and this error I am getting is for all apps.

    What to do? Please help.

  16. Alex

    The torrent file cannot be opened because it contains invalid data. ??? i dont know it!

    how can i download this ?

  17. passerby

    Actually you can just go to Downloads, select “Keep File”, and then “Keep File” again. Chrome will allow you to download and keep the file.

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