iThoughtsX 5.8.6569 | Mac OS X | 32.12 MB. 


iThoughtsX is a mind mapping application for the Mac. It is based on iThoughts for iOS and is fully compatible with it.
Mental maps allow you to organize thoughts, ideas and other information in a visual way.

Typical uses:
• Task lists.
• Abstracts.
• Brainstorming.
• Project planning.
• Definition of objectives.
• EDT.
• Take notes / Review.
• Taking notes in meetings.
• GTD.


Possibility of importing and exporting many of the most common formats of desktop applications:
• MindManager
• iMindmap
• Freemind / Freeplane
• Novamind
• XMind
• Mindview
• ConceptDraw
• OPML (OmniOutliner, Scrivener etc.)
• Excel / Numbers / Outlook / ToodleDo ( CSV)
• Markdown • Plain
text / RTF
• … besides the import is only compatible with CMAP, Scapple, Mindnode, Mindmapper and MyThoughts

Export to:
• MS Powerpoint / Keynote (PPTX)
• MS Word / Pages (DOCX)
• MS Project (XML)
• Markdown
• Web page (HTML + attachments)

Works well with the following services:
• Synchronization in the cloud with iCloud, Dropbox and WebDAV.
• Handoff (start editing a map on one device and finish it on another).
• Sending and opening email attachments.
• Cut, copy and paste within maps and between them and in other apps (for example, Mail, Safari and Notes, etc.)
• Download community generated maps from Biggerplate.

Flexible attributes of themes:
• Color / shape.
• Images / icons.
• Notes.
• Rich text (fonts, colors, etc.)
• Hyperlinks (web pages, other maps, other topics).
• Legends / Independent themes.
• Pictures
• Automatic numbering.
• Known relationships between the themes.
• Compatibility with styles (collection of predefined colors, fonts, shapes, etc.)

Task management:
• Assign a start / expiration date, an effort, a priority and some resources.
• Sending task reports by e-mail (by project, by resource).

Advanced features of the mind map:
• Various page layouts (horizontal, vertical, spike, etc.)
• Various styles of joining lines (curves, conics, right angles, etc.)
• Integrated documents (PDF, XLS, DOC) , etc)
• More than 100 integrated icons, 90 clip art and 35 pattern designs for the background.
• 10 “integrated map styles”.
• Search for and replace.
• Rule-based filtering engine.
• Presentation mode.
• Order based on rules (includes an option to order continuously)

First class integration with OSX:
• Compatibility with Retina display.
• Automatic version saving.
• Compatibility with full screen.
• Integration with Spotlight.
• Compatibility with Quicklook.
• Pinch to zoom.
• Search for and replace.




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