LightWave 3D 2018.0.3 (build 3066) | Mac OS X | 143.95 MB. 

NewTek LightWave 3D is a complete solution for 3D modeling, rendering and animating. Widely used in television and film production, video game development, print graphics and design, LightWave artists have won more Emmy Awards for visual effects and animation than any other artist of CG. In addition, LightWave is designed to be used by a single artist, a small team or a major facility, with seamless integration into various channels.

LightWave 2018 provides workflow and functionality you’ve heard, along with new interactive tools for real – time experience. You get the speed, flexibility and control you need to create quickly, easily and affordably.

LightWave 3D combines a state of the art renderer with powerful, intuitive modeling and animation. Tools that may cost more in other professional 3D applications are part of the product package, including 999 free render nodes multiplatform, free technical support and more. LightWave is enjoyed worldwide as a complete 3D production solution for visual effects in film and television, broadcast design, print graphics, visualization, game development and Web. LightWave is responsible for more artists win Emmys than any other 3D application.

Major studios and post-production houses have spent years riding their custom pipes, often at great expense and require a large number of technical staff to maintain. These complex conduits are perfect for companies with hundreds of employees, but may be overkill for most studies worldwide with 40 employees or less.

LightWave is perfectly suited to large pipes multiple software, with its powerful sharing tools including FBX, GoZ ZBrush, Collada, Unity Game Engine Support and Autodesk Geometry Cache. Unlike other software packages, LightWave offers artists and studios a complete solution from start to finish from the outset. Robust modeling polygonal and subdivision surface. Texturing tools splendid PBR, with powerful shaders dedicated materials. Powerful animation tools and rigging. Volumetric incredible systems and dynamic effects. A Global Illumination rendering engine, award-winning production proven, integrated. You decide which workflow or pipeline LightWave your specific needs and puts all the tools in their hands.

LightWave has been the choice of countless studies and artists for more than 25 years. Chances are that LightWave was used to create many of your movies, TV shows and games.




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